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The Carver Institute. A antagonist idea

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    I'm glad that I gave a good summary in my post; apologies if it came across as a little...overt though. I was tired when I wrote it so I was not the most agreeable. On reflection, your idea of the Carver Institute working as academics first and Hunters second does have merit as a subfaction in and of itself, and it could even be that was how the group started before the other, more violent subgroups sprouted up.

    And honestly, there are a good number of other permutations that could come from this base concept. Maybe Fetches aren't involved at all in the group, and they are under the effects of an obscure contract the Muse has access to, or perhaps given a unique merit from dream manipulation? Maybe the Carver Institute is entirely composed of Fetches after the Muse stole away the founding members, leaving Fetches to be in their place and continue the work as the people would have. What if the Muse is not even a Gentry but a sufficiently awe inspiring Privateer who is using the group to get free Changelings to sell to the Gentry...or something else entirely?

    Also I just realized I misnamed one of the Compacts; it's the Null Mysteris I was thinking of as scientists, not The Loyalists of Thule. Oops.