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[1ed] Little Freehold idea: Mutatis Mutandis Freehold

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  • [1ed] Little Freehold idea: Mutatis Mutandis Freehold

    Greeetings. I wanted to have some fun creating a simple freehold with a Marvel X-Men spin, so here we go...

    The Mutatis Mutandis Freehold is located at Salem Center, Westchester County, New York. It is a vast and reclusive mansion. From the public and mortal view, it is a school for gifted students, but in a world of darkness the truth is much more dark...

    PART 1

    The mansion estate is the inherited property of Charles Xavier. He has a keen interested in folklore and mythology since his childhood. During adolescence, his father dissapears. Shaken by this tragedy, his mother later finds solace on a new husband, who comes to the mansion with his son, Cain (not the first vampire of course). Xavier and his stepbrother Cain soon becomes friends and Cain is very caring and inteligent. However, one day, he hears strange mutterings and decides to check what is happening in Cain's room. He witness a Gentry (Cyttorak - the Crimson Gem) kidnapping his stepbrother and leaving a fetch in his place. He was not seen by the Gentry or the fetch but he watched everything unveil while feeling helpless. The fetch resumed his former stepbrother's life as if nothing changed. The family didn't notice the change. However the fetch was now very aggressive towards him, acting now as a bully. Maddened by this event, Charles traveled the world to understand what happened to Cain and possibly his father. He soon became expert in the occult and fae lore. He found changeling manuscripts detailing the existence of Gentries and portals to Arcadia. Back at his mansion in New York, after fetch Cain fought in a war and died, Xavier decided to investigate the room where Cyttorak came from. This sadly ended with him opening a portal to the Hedge and getting kidnapped. By a giant monster with fangs and colored armor (Onslaught - the psionic god). His Keeper realm has a subtle psionic connection to all fae on Earth and he discovers their terrible burden of having changed and being hunted by terrible gods.

    Xavier eventually escapes from his Keeper but Onslaugh hurts him during the escape. The pain is extreme but Xavier manages to catch a psionic river that leaves him in the Hedge. He is sadly so injured he can't walk anymore. Luckily he meets another changeling, Erik Lehnsherr, a jewish adolescent caught by his Keeper (Shaw - master of the sentinel hunters) during WW2. Eryk drags him in his arms and they escape together finding the same portal back to Xavier's state. Erik is shocked to discover time has passed and he isn't in 1944 anymore. Xavier became a Muse Fairest and Erik became a Metalflesh Elemental. They changed their names to Professor X and Magneto and decided to make the mansion a home for changelings in need of a place in this dark world.

    First class
    The freehold of Salem Center, soon named "Mutatis Mutandis", received its first "students", who named themselves the "X-Factor" motley, mentored by Xavier, and the "Brotherhood" motley, mentored by Magneto. The X-Factor was formed of five different changelings: Cyclops, a Cyclopean Ogre who was a shy but strong leader - Iceman, a Snowkin Elemental who was always funny and playful - Beast, a kithless Beast who was good with science - Angel, a Windwing Beast from a rich family and Phoenyx, a Fairest Flamesiren with unlimited potencial. The Brotherhood also had five changelings: Pyro, a Fireheart Elemental - Blob, a Gristlegrinder Ogre - Toad, a Venombite Beast - Avalanche, a Earthbones Elemental, and Rogue, a Leechfinger Darkling.
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    Part 2

    The schism

    The philosophy and ideals of Xavier and Magneto soon proved to be antagonistic. Xavier wanted to train his students to be strong and survive, but he also believed, from his heavy studies of Fae folklore from books and myths around the world, that they could be reasoned with. A future of harmony, where both Gentry and changelings could live together, on a pledge of friendshid, was his goal. Magneto saw this as total nonsense. He suffered too much from these monsters and he believed it was time for payback to all of them. The changelings should not back down. They should become stronger, powerful, superior. In the end, only the extinction of the Gentry would allow the peace that the changelings seeked.
    This schism was so great that they could not rule the mansion together any longer. But they didn't want to separate, it would make them weak and easy prey for the True Fae. So they divided their rulership by making powerful contracts with reality itself and creating two courts: the X-Court and the Iron Court. Xavier created the X-Court by pledging with the feeling of Forgiveness itself while Magneto pledged with the feeling of Revenge to create his Iron Court. One court would rule for a season (called "Student Term") and then would leave rulership for the other. Both would benefit in their division of this powerful Freehold. The X-Court and the Iron Court eventually managed to tolerate each other since they needed mutual survival and help, but when a True Fae appeared, they would often disagree with each other and often clash...

    Danger Hollow
    The portal in old Cain's room eventually became a protected gateway to a place named the Danger Hollow. This chimeric place is used for heavy training, where changelings can fight against anything that can be imagined or dreamed. A oneiropomp just needs to meditate and dream inside the Hollow to make his dreamscapes manifest within the walls. Chimeric enemies can attack the changelings but they only hurt their willpower.

    International students
    Xavier knew that the changeling world was much greater than his freehold. He sensed changelings from all around the world during his penance in Arcadia. During his seasonal terms of rulership in the Freehold, he send would send his X-Factor motley around the world to find new changelings and invite them to join. He used the Cerebro for that task. Cerebro is a token of great power, a steel plate helmet. Its user must meditate and sleep while wearing it. Then the user can have prophetic dreams of changeling locations on Earth. The motley traveled around the world with the help of the Blackbird, a huge hobgoblin that can carry the motley from one trod to another, letting them cross continents by taking shortcuts in the Hedge. The X-Factor eventually found many new changelings, most of them already sworn a pledge to his local Freehold. However, many courtless ones where interested in their ideals and joined them. The second class of the institute included Wolverine, a Canadian Hunterheart Beast who was captured in 1880 by a mysterious Keeper know only as "Weapon X" who wants toturn changeling slaves into killing machines - Colossus, a Russian metalflesh with a golden heart - Nightcrawler, a Lurkglider Darkling from Germany - Kitty Pride, a Jewish Airtouched Elemental from United States and Storm, a Levinquick Elemental from Kenya.
    Magneto also grew interested in searching new mutants to grow his powerbase. He would mostly find new recruits on dangerous rescue missions on the Hedge. He eventually found Mystique, a very dangerous Mirrorskin Darkling, her lover, Destiny, a powerful Oracle Wizened, and Sabretooth, another Canadian Hunterheart, and Wolverine's nemesis. He eventually discovered his lost two siblings in Europe, but they were not exactly changelings, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are Mastigos Mages who dominated Fate and Time.
    Magneto's biggest fear became real when his Keeper Shaw eventually decided to hunt any escaped changelings on Earth with his Sentinels. These terrible huntsmen are true knightmares, adapting themselves to hunt their prey. The entire freehold suffer many losses while fighting these creatures. A freaked out Kitty Pride eventually claimed to be possessed by a future version of herself and gave unvaluable information on how to defeat these things. Some claim she was hallucinating from low Clarity, others claim she became an Oracle, or pledged with time. Nobody knows what happened for sure.
    The Sentinels where hurt and liking their wounds. But the Freehold's biggest crisis was still ahead, not from the Gentry but from other changelings, the members of another Freehold: the Hellfire Club.

    The Hellfire Club
    The Hellfire Club is, for mortal people, a privileged night club for the rich, with some BDSM culture. This is not a lie, it really is all that, but it is also a freehold for elitist, rich and snob changelings. They don't care about survival, they don't care about destroying the Gentry or making peace with them. They only want power, money and influence. They also have two courts, the White Court and the Black Court, both ruled by a King and a Queen, and helped by Bishops, Knights, Towers and Paws (the low level clubbers). The Hellfire Club sees the presence of the "Mutatis Mutandis" as a danger for their power struggle in New York. Emma Frost, a Maniquin Elemental and White Queen of her Freehold, decides to capture the X-Faction motley as a message. Eventually things get out of control when Phoenix, while being tormented by her captors, eventually remembers that she is in fact not a changeling but a True Fae. She used to be one of the most powerful True Fae in Arcadia, the Queen of Rebirth. Fear of her power eventually drove the first army of Faes to fight her and exile her out of Arcadia. She soon died by staying on Earth and came back to life without her memories of being a True Fae. When Xavier found her, he believed she was just a poor changeling with low Clarity. Now that her true past came back to her mind, she unleashed her true power on her captors and fought against everyone, former friends or foes. The Faes known as the Shiar had to intervene, capturing her and her former motley, out of fear that she might destroy Arcadia again. They left them in a special prison in Arcadia known as the Blue Moon and pledged with Xavier's motley that they could get a free ride back to Earth if they destroyed the Phoenix. After a battle of epic proportions, the exausted Phoenix ended sacrificing herself based on the few humane feelings she gained by interacting with her motley and her lover Cyclops.

    Return of the Phoenyx
    The Phoenyx death was just temporary. She managed to recreate herself through the Wyrd and from well hidden titles that keeped her alive. She still was a Gentry renegade who would be killed by her peers so she eventually came back to her lover Cyclops and made a pledge with him: to give him imense boons in order to make Earth her reign of power. Cyclops creates a new motley with Namor, an ancient Swimmerskin Beast, Colossus, his sister Magik, a Shadowsoul Fairest and Emma Frost, who changed her bad ways after the Hellfire club incident. They gained so much power that they were almost True Fae themselves. Wyrd beyond limits and lack of Clarity made them a liability for all changelings. Xavier tried to stop his former student, still believing that an alliance between changelings and True Fae like the one Cyclops and Phoenix managed could hold the key for harmony. Sadly Cyclops ends up killing his own teacher. The entire Freehold, both from the X-Court and the Iron Court ends up fighting him in a hopeless battle. Cyclops, in a moment of rare clarity understands what he has become and begs to be killed. To everyones shock, he breaks his pledge with the Phoenix, destroying her in the process and poisoning his boons until he becomes a wounded but still sane changeling.

    Blue Court and Golden Court
    With Xavier dead, the X-Court needs a new king. Wolverine ends up taking the job, since Cyclops was pardoned for saving the Freehold from the Phoenix but he was still not trusted by his former allies as an oathbreaker and Xavier's murder. Wolverine┬┤s reign of the X-Court, divided with Magneto reign of the Iron Court, goes smoothly. But Cyclops, now paranoid about a return of the Phoenyx, ends up running a show of black ops motleys where the ends justify the means. He is not above putting children on the front lines of dangerous missions, killing mortals who discover too much, and regain powerful assets. Wolverine discovered Cyclops dark dealings and tried to exile him, out of rage from his treachery and sadness for the death of Phoenyx which he loved in secret. Wolverine didn't succeed his exile attempt. Cyclops still had a powerful Wyld and struck a desperate powerful contract with Forgiveness, the feeling that was the patron of the X-Court. He pledged for... well... forgiveness, and Forgiveness couldn't deny itself. It decided that it would split itself in two aspects: blue forgiveness, the aspect where people forgive each other out of pity, and gold forgiveness, where people forgive each other out of mutual understanding. Forgiveness decided that Cyclops would rule the Blue Court and Wolverine the Golden Court. Wolverine entered a fit of rage upon discovering this new court and challenged Cyclops to a Hedgeduel. They battled fiercely, almost killing each other, until Forgiveness itself gave an ultimatum that each should forgive each other or both would lose their courts and become oathbreakers. They could only comply.

    Court of the Eclypse
    When the X-Court was split into the Blue Court and Golden Court, most X-Courtiers had to choose between those two. A powerful chinese changeling, Xorn the Telluric Fairest, felt neither the Blue and Golden Court of Cyclops and Wolverine nor the Iron Court of Magneto had the right path. They were all extremes, from forgiveness to revenge, a centered path was needed. Therefore he made a contract with Tao itself, and created the court of the Eclypse, a way between the sun and the moon, the day and the night. It is focused on prudence, where your action, whether active or passive, agressive or defensive, is based on reason and practical judgement. A reaction to a True Fae or any mortal or supernatural being could not be predetermined as positive or negative, it would depend on anyone's actions towards you and your friends.

    The Mutantis Freehold now
    The Freehold is actually divided by four courts, based on ideals for how to deal with outsiders and external groups that can be hostile to you:
    - The Blue Court. Ruled by King Cyclops. It is fueled by the feeling of pity. A lot of the courtiers are afflicted by self-pity, and some try to overcome that by feeling self-pity on poor mortals in order to see someone even more miserable. Other changelings are arrogant or passionate, and feel pity of others out of arrogance or empathy. King Cyclops, almost mad by low Clarity and mad dealings, is a shy but still strong leader driven by self-pity.
    - The Golden Court. Ruled by King Wolverine. It is fueled by the feeling of understanding and comprehension of the other, basically the feeling of empathy. It is less patronising than pity but understanding another person can also be dangerous... If you look at an abyss... well you eventually understand it. Empathy for the True Fae can be a quick path to madness.
    - The Iron Court. Ruled by Magneto. It is fueled by pure revenge. Payback time. It is not random rage: the courtier must want to destroy the ones that wronged you or that are not you. You must make them pay equally. An eye for an eye, that is the Iron Court law. Sometimes revenge is just a widow dressing for plain xenophoby from some of the courtiers.
    - The Eclypse Court. Ruled by Xorn. It is fueled by prudence. A complex feeling since it tries to reject emotion and prioritise reason. This is the no-nonsense court that avoid generalising groups of individuals and seeks actions based on context, not predisposition.


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      PART 3

      Suggestion of new challenges for the Freehold

      The X-Factor is back?
      A motley just escaped from Arcadia and they are identical to the X-Factor, Xavier's first class of his "Mutatis Mutandis" freehold. How is that possible? They claim to be the original ones and that Xavier's first class was probably a bunch of Fetches. Sorcerers can't see nothing wrong with this new X-Factor, they really behave like normal changelings, with contracts and pledges. They can't be fetches themselves. Can they? Can the True Fae make fetches of changelings just like they make fetches of mortals? That would be a radical discovery. Paranoia is growing in the Freehold, everyone is afraid or suspicious of this new motley, and of this new Phoenyx. Isn't she a True Fae too? Magneto decides to mentor and protect them in his Iron Court. The King of the Blue Court, Cyclops, and the "original" Iceman, Beast and Angel feel threatened by these clones of themselves claiming that they are the real ones and that they are fetches. The heat of battle is about to explode.

      Apocalypse Now
      A powerful Keeper known only as Apocalypse starts his powerbase in Cairo. He manages to hunt four changelings from the Mutantis Mutatis freehold and brainwash them in order to make them the most feared huntsmen of Arcadia. These new huntsmen are known as the four Horsemen. They attack their former allies with incredible powers and boons. All seem lost... Until a mysterious changeling appears on the Freehold claiming to be Cyclops son... Cyclops had a son with Phoenyx who was sadly taken by Fae to Arcadia while still a baby. He is now an adult, having passed through a different passage of time in Arcadia. He became some sort of Oracle/Soldier Wizened.

      Arcade is a Keeper who is also the realm of Murderworld where kidnapped changelings goes through painful games trying to survive. So far, no changeling came back from his world.

      Another Keeper also likes to kidnap changelings for bizarre amusements. Mojo can appear as a spineless giant alien and he is also his realm, the Mojoverse. His world is based on the television industry. One of his strange powers is turning changelings into children, reversing their age. His huntsman is a scary four-armed creature known as the Spiral.

      A powerful global Conspiracy known as SHIELD is trying to register all supernatural creatures around the world for the safety of humankind. Will the Freehold comply? Refusing registration may put them against their most powerful cell, a group of super-soldiers and spies known as the Avengers. Some claim that even changelings are part of that team, such as a very powerful and legendary Gargantuan Ogre.


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        I don't have anything to add, but would like award you not one but two Internets for such a faithful rendition of the X-men plots! Very cool.