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[1e] Running The Fear-Maker's Promise

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  • [1e] Running The Fear-Maker's Promise

    In a couple of weeks I'm getting together with some friends I don't see often, and I've promised to run a Changeling oneshot for them. I'm planning to use Fear-Maker's Promise - I've wanted to run it for a while and I know several of them are fans of moral dilemmas in RPGs, which is something this has in spades. However, I don't have much experience STing, so... has anyone here run this story in the past? Any pitfalls to watch out for/things that surprised you in play?

    I've already googled around about this a little, so I know I'm not the first person to have concerns about Jackie and Joey as representations of trans and autistic people respectively. I'm planning to present Jackie as simply "Queen Jackie Snow", and to ditch all rumours about the state of her genitals (nobody's business but hers & her lovers', and in a world with access to Contracts of Mirror, pretty mutable anyway). She'll still be a trans woman, at least in my head, but I'm not going to turn her into a freak show. I'm less sure what to do about Joey, so I'd particularly appreciate any advice on that front.