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how do touchstones work?

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  • how do touchstones work?

    So we got to touchstones in character creation and after 2hrs of trying to understand what they are wanting us to do we just don't understand it. Also its description doesn't even match the character sheet making it more confusing.
    Can someone please try to explain it?
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    The game wants you to pick something (usually a person, but it doesn't have to be) that helps emotionally tie your character to the real world to help defend their Clarity. They don't have to be positive emotional attachments, just things that help your character feel connected to the world while fae influences bend their perceptions.

    PCs get one Touchstone for free, and can buy more with the appropriate Merit.

    Attached Touchstones reduce Clarity damage pools, restore Clarity damage, and can be a source of willpower points.

    Clarity works like Health instead of Integrity in how it's tracked. Your Clarity track is equal to your Composure + Wits, and your first Touchstone goes at Composure + 1 from the left with extra's going to the right.

    On the sheet, for space I guess, the Touchstone section is placed vertically. In this case up is left, and down is right.

    So if you have Composure 3/Wits 3 and bought two extra Touchstones:

    You have 6 Clarity boxes.

    Ignore 7 - 11 on the Touchstone list.

    Your first Touchstone goes on the 3 spot (Composure + 1 = 4, so it's the fourth slot down), the second on the 2 spot, and the third on the 1 spot.

    If you take 4 severe Clarity damage, your first Touchstone becomes detached until you can heal the damage.

    If you buy Composure 4, stop ignoring the 7 slot, but it remains blank. It just means it takes 5 severe Clarity damage before you detach on.

    If you buy Wits 4 instead, shift everyone up one, so the 7 slot matters now, but your first Touchstones moves to 4, and you now have a blank spot at 1 (which you could fill with another Touchstone). 4 severe Clarity damage with still detach your first one.

    So, the more Composure you have, the more severe Clarity damage you can take before Touchstones become threatened. The more Wits you have, the more Touchstones you can manage at once.


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      Heavy Arms Thank you. It is still confusing, but that helped.

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