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The Sting of Betrayal: Fighting With Cold Iron

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  • The Sting of Betrayal: Fighting With Cold Iron

    Fighting Style: Cold Iron (* - ***)

    It doesn't matter whether it was a broken promise, a grand magical working, or simple elemental antithesis. What matters in the here and now is that iron hurts the fae, scorns their protections and charms, rips through their magic like gossamer. Naturally, some have developed techniques to hone this elfsbane quality, slicing with antique broadswords or jabbing with stolen fenceposts just so to rend more than strange flesh. Iron is heartbreak and betrayal, cold logic over dreaming whim, the tool of a god who will suffer no pretenders to its earthly throne, and within it lies power for those brave and canny enough to ask for them.

    The Cold Iron Fighting Style is learned by all manner of faerie slayer: Militant Summer warriors, Bridge Burner sects, Winter assassins, mortal monster hunters, and more besides. Some Huntsmen know of the inner secrets of iron as well; the Gentry call upon these erudite killers at their own discretion and hubris.

    Prerequisites: Weaponry 2, Occult 1

    Drawback: The Wyrd is displeased when the Lost try to outsmart it in such a crude fashion. Whenever a changeling utilizes any of the techniques of this Style, the next roll to activate a Contract, use a Kith Blessing, harvest Glamour, or negotiate peacefully with a hobgoblin suffers a penalty equal to his dots in Cold Iron. On a social level, freeholds sometimes view those who master the techniques of iron with suspicion; it's only a matter of time before they turn the tyranny of matter against their fellows, yes? Unfortunately, it's often yes.

    * Trim Dreams: A fighter who has mastered the most basic technique of iron can deprive the fae of the strength they need to work their treachery. When making an attack against a fae being with a cold iron weapon, the attacker can spend a point of Willpower. If the attack lands, the fae loses points of Glamour equal to the damage inflicted.

    ** Sever Illusions: A refinement of the preceding art, the fighter can now undo the false faces the Wyrd imposes on the fae. As before, when making an attack with cold iron against a fae being, the attacker spends a point of Willpower. If successful, the attack strips the Mask away from the fae, revealing its true form to the mortal world. This is not the same as Dropping the Mask. The Mask returns once all damage from the attack is healed.

    *** Unravel Promises: Iron has no time for magic born of oaths and bargains. At the pinnacle of this style, an attacker can rip away the effects of Contracts. Again, spend a point of Willpower; on a hit, one Contract currently affecting the victim ends. This is chosen by the Storyteller in the case of multiple Contracts, and can also be used against non-fae targets if they are subject to glamourous magics.

    This is my first attempt to write a Fighting Style merit. I suddenly had the idea for it while swimming in a pool. I wanted to make something that explores some of the mysticism of iron and its relationship to the fae, and how that relationship could be exploited. I'm thinking maybe I should move up the dot ratings, but I'm unsure. Feedback would be appreciated.

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    This would be pretty damn cool if not for the fact that it seems to evoke a sense of metaphysical evocation...which is beyond any fairy. If it's iron, it will not do for them anymore than it already does.

    Now, a hunter, a mage, maybe even a Beast....

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      I agree with ArcaneArts. Since all of these requires WP the user becomes a source of the powers.
      A Fighting Style for changelings that uses cold iron against fae should instead focus on having the knowledge behind how to apply the cold iron in different ways that may harm fae. You can take a look at Kindred Dueling in VTR core that can be used to nullify some advantages that vampires have through simply knowing what is effective on vampires (combined with the training required to apply that knowledge, of course). If taking this option instead of simply letting it be a human-only Style, I'd suggest increasing the Occult prerequisite by one or two dots.

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        Thank you for the advice. I'll mull this over and see what I can come up with.


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          The second effect seems somehow lesser than the first - maybe move the order around? Or enhance its Mask rending effect to also have the caused wounds always visible (even if the become invisible, that sword wound or bruise is floating there, giving them away).

          Would adding a defensive effect make sense?

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