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Wizard of OZ Court rulers

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  • Wizard of OZ Court rulers

    There was either a Obsidian Portal or play by post that had the WOZ characters as Court rulers but I can't remember where it was. Anyone?

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    After the Wizard of Oz leaves in the balloon the Scarecrow takes over as regent of Oz until the return of princess Ozma. Afterwards the scarecrow becomes governor of munchkin land. Munchkin land would be the East/Spring court. In the books Glinda is the good witch of the south, the land of the Gillikins. The land of the Gillikins would be the South/Summer court. Nick Chopper takes over as king of the Winkies after the death of the Wicked Witch of the West. Winkieland would be the West/Autumn court. The good witch of the north blesses Dorothy when she first arrives and never makes another appearance in any of the other Oz books. The North is the land of the Quadlings and the north/winter court.