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Poll: Favorite 1e kiths?

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  • Poll: Favorite 1e kiths?

    Hi all - I'm taking a poll: What are your favorite 1e kiths that you'd like to see updated to 2e?

    NOTE: this is not any kind of promise that the ones with the most votes will get updated, or anything like that. I just want to get a sense.


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  • #2
    Antiquarians were always my favourite Darklings.

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    • #3
      Out of my head, it would be Antiquarians, Shadowsoul and Oracle.

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      • #4
        I'm fond of the Venombites, personally.


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          Oni have always been a favourite of mine. I'd also say Skitterskulk, Venombite, Tunnelgrub, and Gremling.

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            My favorites were Skitterskulk, Venombite, Water-Dweller and Corpsegrinder. Of the mythical ones, I'm fond of Pishacha and Gremlin.

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            • #7
              Coldscale, Riddleseeker, Venombite, Romancer, Corpsegrinders.


              • #8
                Truefriend, Antiquarian, Manikin, Treasured, Farwalker, Bloodbrute, Witchtooth, Chirurgeon.


                • #9
                  I was always a big fan of Stonebones, Render, Gremlin, Witchtooth, Lurkglider, Gargantuan, Chirurgeon, Bloodbrute, Draconic, Succubus, and Brewer. Really, I loved almost all of them, but those are a few I used an awful lot in my games.
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                  • #10
                    Draconics and Stonebones/Earthbones/Metalflesh. I love my elemental tanks, but we probably only need one of them.


                    • #11
                      Muse, Drudge, Oracle, Whisperwisp, Manikin and Chimera. Can't wait to see them pop out in the new edition.


                      • #12
                        Coldscales, Skitterskulk, Manikin, Draconic, Cyclopean, Witchtooth, Drudge, Gameplayer, Oracle

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                          Gosh, I love so many of them...but I'll try and keep it narrowed down!

                          Whisperwisp and/or Cleareyes –– I love to play characters that are finders and potential spies.

                          Chirurgeon –– In my limited experience as a GM, players don't pick up Medicine dots until they learn how potent a good doctor can be. Chirurgeon seems like a fun and perfect way to make a potential player consider investing in Medicine –– and also a good kith to have around as a GM.

                          EDIT: A friend without an account here begged me to add: Shadowsoul! (He loves the aesthetic and feel of that kith. It also has a special place in my heart, admittedly––it's a sort of "edgy" kith that I'd be so afraid to play when I was younger, but as an adult, I say: who's going to stop me?)
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                            Airtouched, Antiquarian, Chimera, Chirurgeon, and Coldscale.

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                              Big question.
                              I suppose I'll limit it to 5 (but in no particular order, I loved these either Playing or seeing played)
                              1. Coldscale (mostly the types of chars made when the idea was "lizardlike" were all great chars.)
                              2. Gravewight (I've seen two of these and, while not inherent to the kith, both played like fantastic sardonic wit haunted chars)
                              3. Manikin (great drama for these characters and all who knew them. Their humanity wittled down more than some.)
                              4. Draconic (interestingly, it wasn't the martial ability or background that tied all of these chars together as the same kith. It was this propensity for a fatalistic world view. Not sure if the kith did that or if each player just slipped into that with the background the Char had.)
                              5. Oni

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