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  • New Homebrew Gobbo Fruits

    I hope y'all enjoy the fruits of my labor (pun intended).

    Spicicle: A strange fruit that usually only found in icy Realms and frozen portions of the Hedge, it resembles a blue coloured green been pod crossed with an icicle. Hanging off of ledges and frozen branches, each plant is a flexible blue, semi-translucent ice pod with 4-7 beans visible inside. When consumed raw, a Changeling gains 3+ to Survival rolls, but a -2 to Wits for several hours. The beans taste like black peppercorns crossed with tabasco sauce.

    Crevassa: Buried in the icy soil of near Arctic Hedgewilds and favored by True Fae for it’s novelty, a Crevassa is a peculiar plant. It resembles a steaming yam with a tendency to spew skin-peeling gouts of steam from it’s “eyes”. Eating this plant confers 1+ Glamour and sustains it’s consumer for about a day. However, it’s greatest property is not as food, but it’s ability to literally act as a natural heater, as it’s steam gouts will steadily raise the temperature of a room to sauna levels if left uneaten. Also, anyone hit by the steam bursts automatically receives 1L Damage.

    Heathstones: Spiky stones composed of flaky green obsidian, a Heathstone is an Oddment that when broken, unleashes a cloud of dust that causes living things to dry and wither and in some cases die from a sudden onset of severe dehydration. They rarely used by anyone except the most desperate Changeling due to their fragility when being handled. Many would-be escapees have died from a Heathstone breaking apart in their hand as they prepared to throw at an approaching Keeper. The ST can decide how much Lethal damage a target receives. Can be powdered and thus stored safely in jars or bottles.

    Robber’s Cobs: Found in the Hedge near Goblin-spider nests, this Oddment resembles old cobwebs that seem difficult to spot with the naked eye. It makes a loud pop like a firecracker when it is broken by a passing foot. It makes an excellent poor man’s security system as it can be tied across a path to warn of intruders who will snap the Robber’s Cob when they walk into it. Smells of spider ichor though.

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    There have been a couple from my games that I always wanted to share, so I might as well do it here!

    Auspeas- Folktale speaks of a vegetable garden in the Hedge tended to by a peculiar Hob called Maddie Moon-Eye, a silvery, slender wisp of a goblin who says she used to live on the Moon. Whether or not this is true is a matter of debate, but this strange tidbit isn’t why Maddie is famous - it’s her peas. This strange Goblin Fruit resembles a mirror-skinned pea pod that occasionally bulges and undulates when seen from the corner of one’s eye. When broken open, the various peas inside are strangely shaped and colored, most being silver, though some are a disturbing black. Ranging from fully normal spherical peas, to ovals, to eerie dome shaped peas, to tiny crescents resembling tiny pea pods, to finally black peas.

    Effect: the various peas all seem to have a touch of the Moon’s magic about them, as eating one embues the ingester with the blessings of one of the five Auspices for a month, depending on which type of pea is eaten in addition to bestowing Glamour. Eating several at once or in succession sadly does not grant numerous Auspice blessings, doing so merely grants a random blessing or the blessing tied to the last pea ingested - overwriting any previous blessings in the process.

    Annoyingly, partaking of these peas does have an unfortunate side effect: for the duration of the month Silver acts as a Frailty for the eater, inflicting aggravated damage should they be wounded by a silver weapon.

    Also, they taste a bit like metal shavings mixed with over cooked peas.

    Ragerines- There are few Goblin Fruits as prized by the Summer Court as Ragerines. On the surface, these fruits aren’t that exciting looking, resembling tangerines the color of the sun at high noon with a splash of blood red, and they taste like a particularly spicy kiwi fruit. However, it is the benefit of the fruit that makes it so desirable.

    Effect: Ragerines grant the eater the effects of Stone 5: Red Rage Of Terrible Vengeance for the scene as if they had fulfilled its catch.

    Unfortunately, Ragerines are are extremely addictive, and upon failing a Resolve + Wyrd roll to avoid growing addicted, every scene that the eater goes without ingesting a Ragerine confers a cumulative - 2 penalty to all mental and physical rolls that caps at - 4. Eating Ragerines nullify these penalties for the scene.
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