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    I have actually worked a mechanical system into my homebrew to deal with questions of why Freeholds form, why changelings join courts, and when do Huntsmen or True Fae themselves come for Changelings. Part of the reason I did this was because of the Changeling play demo had SPOILERS

    The Duchess of the Icy Heart that was manipulating the PC being dragged back to Arcadia by her Keeper because someone said her real name three times

    and there was absolutely NOTHING beyond flavor text and ad hoc storyteller "rocks falls because the story says so" fiat declaration to justify it. I took that idea and made it a template flaw interwoven in the moral based Atrocity system I took from vampire and made the defining point between what were supernatural being and what were monsters. I think a mechanical system gives bones for the muscles of narration to anchor to, move over and when shaped properly together facilitates wonderfully articulated motion, but it is still the particular players and storyteller whom make such arrangements dance.

    I mean it isn't needed, I mean jelly fish are beautiful and move, and they need no bones. If you're interesting in my home brew the link is in my signature, Frailty Chronicles. and Ctrl + F Arcadian Hunters
    The specific mechanic is called Entrapment Clauses and is tied to Permanent Atrocity. Also I can made several mechanics for being Privateers, so answering the question: When, and for what triggers them being are Huntsmen sent? has been very fruitful. Interesting to see if I am the only one to make a system, or if other people came up with their own takes on that topic?

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what happened in the Demo, it made me buy the game, but finding no rules for that type of action was disappointing to the point I felt the need to create it.
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      Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
      0) Ironside appears in the official Second Edition at least once due to the perpetuation of it's use by fans.
      [citation needed] as a search in the backers' 2e pdf yields nothing. Will it appear in upcoming material?


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        Originally posted by BetterWorldz View Post
        [citation needed] as a search in the backers' 2e pdf yields nothing. Will it appear in upcoming material?
        Got cut, it seems.

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