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    Hey guys so I'm in the early early EARLY stages of running a game, I'm in the process of creating NPCs for my players to interact with (I don't have any players yet but I have a soft maybe from my brother and plan to recruit at game stores near his house). The first character I've come up with is the current king of the freehold. I've decided to use him as a form of comic relief by making his character Johnny from The Room. Basically he'll call all the male characters "Mark" and all the female characters "Lisa" he'll throw a football around a lot and laugh inappropriately at times. I want to set my players up to think that he's just nuts and the real rulers are the three most senior members of the other courts serving as a regency council of sorts, but in reality he's quiet sane and is trying to lure the other 3 into complacency before he does something (i'm not sure what) on the other hand it might be cool to just use him to show the weird nature of the lost and the consequences of low clarity.

    So what do you think of this? Would it be ok if I posted a few more ideas here I want to make sure my game is balanced and fun for my players.