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    This is just a place for people to write ideas for Keepers, Huntsmen, and other twisted things.

    The Empty
    She captures those who love the world, either through passion for others or material things. Those stolen are placed in her realm - a place that is identical to our world except there are no people. No electricity. Sometimes she visits and relishes your craving for interaction or harsh accusations. Other times she just watches for years, savoring the confusion that turns to exploration that becomes disappointment and depression.

    Time has meaning for you, but not for her. When you die, she will dump your body back into the real world at the moment you left and go in search of somebody new.

    The Trapsmith
    A withered little Keeper that fancies herself the master of security systems. She advertises her services to the other Keepers to keep their valuables safe from thieves and their precious changelings safe at home. She has her own clockwork changelings, of course, who she forces to run through impossibly difficult death trap dungeons to test her latest ideas for security.

    She praises those who go far, even offering them pleasant little rewards. But if you actually beat one of her systems, she flies into an unholy rage and insists you cheated - ripping your clockwork bits apart to see what changes you made to yourself. The oldest of her security runners are mangled and desperate; just pieces of other clockwork changelings mishapenly smashed together because there were no more good parts. They perform poorly, so they never get rewards or praise from their mistress, and often take up jobs as Huntsmen to find fresh parts on the Ironside.

    The Moonlight
    He wears a fancy business suit of stark blacks and contrasting radiant light, and his face is nothing but the empty smile of the moon overhead. You're not even sure you see a neck. He demands progress and innovation so that he might be the first to reach the stars. As you hammer another changeling into the rocket to be thermal plating, it pleads with you that this is never going to work. You know it as well, but still your hammer falls. You've done the math, created the fuel, and the rocket sails into the sky towards the twinkling stars.

    But wherever it goes is still within Faerie, and that's not good enough. Those are not the stars! Just another realm created by his own mind or those of another keeper, not sincere or real or burning balls of hydrogen. Do it again, 127 times. This time you're certain to break through. You wonder what he'll do if he ever succeeds, you wonder where all those others ended up, and you wonder what if... what if he breaks into somewhere darker?

    The Denial
    He walks the Ironside in complete defiance of any rules that say otherwise, and his words are the buzzing of bees that crowd around his face like the most magnificent of beards. He is quite proud of his clever ruse, and patiently explains that you have come to his realm within Arcadia. You see, he created a place where changelings could run to whenever they escape their own Keepers, and his plan has been a marvelous success.

    He is the threat to clarity and trust, for his words refute the most important thing to many changelings. That they escaped. That they are free. The Freeholds insist he is insane and forbid speaking with him, but many come under cover of night or in disguise to bargain or swear allegiance. Those who miss their Keepers know he speaks the truth, and those who are uncertain make deals just in case their true Keepers come for them.

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    Love all of them and this thread in general. Just one problem: Huntsmen are their own special type of Arcadian Fae. Neither True Fae or Changelings can become Huntsmen. Maybe you meant Loyalist?

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      The Fixer-Upper
      This Keeper has an obsession with making any human that falls into their hands the opposite of how they found them. Found a gorgeous socialite? Force him into drudgery, until his features dull and he makes no sound. A tall athlete? Cram her into a tiny room to do their accounting, until her form stoops and shrinks, and her limbs atrophy from disuse. A tiny, weak child who brims with intellect and kindness? Throw him to the wilds and force him to become a dumb, predatory animal. A kind and loving mother? Feed her flesh and make her a cruel, cannibalistic torturer. And those are cases where the Fae's sense of "opposite" aligns with a mortal's. The furnace has no idea why his keeper decided this was the opposite version of his past self.

      The Keeper seems to have three goals from this recurring scenario. The first is the amusement of seeing the mortal fail at the tasks to which they are so ill-suited, the second being that those hilarious failures give cause to punish them. The third, however, is the Changeling as a "finished product", a being so unlike their former self that, if you were to place them beside their Fetch, no one would believe that they were meant to be the same person. Of course, once the Keeper finishes that stage, they have a tendency to grow bored with that particular Changeling. It's no fun once they're doing their task well. A number of Changelings manage to escape once the Keeper's attention drifts away from them. Some lucky ones have even managed to live lives without their old Keeper realizing that old thing wasn't in their possession anymore. Of course, the Keeper often does what any craftsman might do when they take a piece of junk and fix it... they sell it to someone else. And, if their old project happens to have been misplaced, well, it's time to collect.


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        Malade, the Trader

        This Keeper is a freelancing slave trader who deals in sicknesses, illnesses and health, both physical and mental. In return for taking away an ailment - your lover's cancer, your speech impediment, your depression - you'll have to give up your (or someone else's) freedom. Malade usually sells his victims to other Keepers.

        Malade is a curious man with a french accent, who loves experimenting medically on people, both mundanely and magically. It is not unusual to find him with an assistant who runs his errands or does the dirty work - whether it's a changeling, hob-goblin or a fetch - but they probably do not function the way they did when he first employed them. Other Keepers go to him when they quickly need humans with very specific skillsets - in return, he demands supernatural items and artifacts that affect their users in interesting ways.

        Malade usually travels the hedge on a wooden slave wagon, pulled by a fox the size of a horse, but if Malade has a home somewhere, you will probably find a botanical garden of rare goblin fruits there.


        Aliquis, The Twin-Taker

        This Keeper takes one sibling from a set of identical twins and places it in a mirror world. Whenever the Ironside twin sees its own reflection, that's their twin, forced to mimic and watch their sibling live a life they so desperately yearn for - only free to move when their twin looks away. The Arcadian twin may have tears running down its cheeks, blink its eyes, or make subtle movements, but unless the Ironside twin does not possess some kind of supernatural vision or derangement, the Ironside twin only sees what they expect to see.

        Maybe the Twin-Taker does not understand human interaction and tries to force it, unable to grasp what is missing from its calculations, or maybe the Twin-Taker simply likes torturing their victims emotionally.

        Aliquis can open doors directly to his home in Arcadia wherever four roads meet.