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Additional Seeming Benefits for Contracts [2e]

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  • Additional Seeming Benefits for Contracts [2e]

    So, I finally noticed this tidbit when rereading the Arcadian Contracts (page 128), "The Contracts below present two seeming benefits each, but Storytellers are encouraged to add their own". This seems like a cool idea to me, so I figured, why not brainstorm a few new Seeming benefits for existing Contracts?

    I began by looking at Fae Cunning, a Common Shield Contract (page 140), which is a fantastic defensive boost. We're provided with benefits for Elementals and Ogres, so I've designed additional benefits.

    Beast: The Beast relies on her instincts to protect her, using the higher of Wits or Dexterity to determine her Defense. (This was the simplest. Animals have the greater Defense calculation, now so does the Beast)
    Darkling: Attacks seem to fade through the Darkling’s body. Rolls to Dodge gain the 9-again quality. If they already have 9-again, they gain 8-again. (I'm ambivalent towards this one, but I wasn't sure how else to make this concept work mechanically)
    Fairest: The Fairest beguiles her would-be assailants. If an attack against her fails, the attacker gains the Awestruck Condition. (It seemed like the Fairest would impose a condition when someone fails to hit them, and Awestruck fits perfectly)
    Wizened: The Wizened is prepared even if her Defense fails her. She temporarily gains general and ballistic armor equal to half of her Wyrd (rounded down). This armor dissolves after a single hit. (This was the hardest to come up with. Given the Wizened's theme of creating, I felt that it made the most sense that this effect create something to help them if Defense fails. I wasn't sure how to do that, and figured that a one-use armor boost fit the mold best)

    I tried to make these fit the milieu of each seeming, just as Ogres become tough enough to break weapons that strike them or Elementals become quicker. I would really appreciate feedback here, since I'm not sure if these are over- or under-powered, as well as your own ideas for Seeming Benefits.

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    I tend to come up with these as the situation arises, so usually for my own characters or my players'. Here are a few I've used:

    PRIMAL GLORY (Common Shield): builds lethally-dangerous armor out of an element.
    Fairest: the Muse can reshape her armor to be impressive rather than hazardous. If she chooses this option, instead of doing lethal damage to attackers, she adds her Wyrd to her Presence for the duration.

    RED REVENGE (Royal Sword): sends the user into a berserk frenzy.
    Beast: the Grimm can grant this effect to willing packmates by paying an additional Glamour per person.


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      Chrysalis; Elemental benefit

      The Torrent may choose an elemental form to replace one or both animals. The elemental form uses their normal physical stats, but is capable of appropriate environmental effects. Fire elementals can start fires, light elementals can pass through glass, etc. Physical or liquid elements like metal or water downgrade any damage taken. Agg becomes lethal, lethal becomes bashing. Intangible elementals like air or shadow can choose to be fully intangible and immune to physical attacks. On any turn where they attack or take and action that would require a semi solid form they add their wyrd to defense instead, as they reflexively shift states to avoid injury.