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  • Seeming a different Seeming

    I am reading Changeling the Lost 2e, and a question that once came to my mind when I read the 1e. Can you have a kind of trans seeming changeling? I am not saying you can have the Blessing and Curses of both or one of each, you are a regular changeling with one seeming, but you look like you are from a different seeming.

    For example, a Oger that looks like a Shinning Armor Knight, a Fairiest that looks like a Marble Statue, a Wizened that looks like a creature from shadow, a Darkling that looks like made of solid dark smoke, or am Beast that looks like a perfect body Cat Girl (not my thing, but it seems to be quite popular)

    Never played the Lost, so I don’t really know the impact it have on the game play, but I guess it’s fairly know by the changelings the blessings and curses of the Seemings, and a character that seems to be from another seeming would divert the effort from others against them.

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    Kiths are no longer Seeming specific, so you can use that to make just about anything.


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      Yep, Seemings no longer determine your appearance completely. Kiths are more distinctive, and you can change those with the Riddle-Kith Contract.


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        In 2e, it's almost like Seemings, Mantle and some contracts add flavor to the kith, rather than the other way around. In terms of Mien at leasr

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          Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
          In 2e, it's almost like Seemings, Mantle and some contracts add flavor to the kith, rather than the other way around. In terms of Mien at leasr
          I got the same feeling. The kith is much more like a character concept than used to be, and the seeming is more like a apparence description with some reason for it.


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            Even before 2e's separation of Seeming and Kith, plenty of combos resulted in Miens that were either difficult to pin down, or could give the impression of a different Seeming based on the Kith's aesthetics (ex: Stonebones vs. Earthbones).

            I mean, without even touching 2e... almost any of those examples can be done with the right investments (not even using Dual Kith most of the time); even if they're not as overlap happy as certain others can be.

            In 2e, it's even more open so go for it. It has no significant impact in play. The worst thing is that characters make assumptions, but that's dangerous in CtL in general.


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              Everyone has already touched on how the Kith appearance and Seeming are no longer connected so I'll let that be.

              Instead, on if there is a way to go from one Seeming to another. So the text does say that a Changeling's Seeming comes from either the Durance, the Escape, the role they play ironside, or some combination of any of the above. The very idea that the Seeming can come from ironside leads me to believe that a Lost's Seeming could change depending on the right circumstances.

              That said, I'd say that it would have to be a pretty monumental shift in the character's life and story to change it. Then again, other than the blessings/curses, the Seemings don't seem to be very tethered down by concrete criteria (like it seems like Changelings just kinda "go with it" for classifying other Lost's Seemings).

              It's an interesting little idea.

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