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the Snake Boi Beast and the Tough as nails Human .AKA Help my with my Character ‘s

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  • the Snake Boi Beast and the Tough as nails Human .AKA Help my with my Character ‘s

    Sorry for the Rambling nature. You know the really common story where A girl has to marry a Snake ,Monkey, bear. ETRC and all she has to deal Be a good Waifu and get married to the Bear and then he turns into a hot Prince,

    I have a Character Concept of a Snake Boi changling who had to to fall in love with a Human and get married in a year becuase that was part of his deal with his Keeper, and he finds a Drab looking Tough ass nails chick, He helps Kill her Piece of shit Stepfather and mom who let it happen

    .or something like that

    Snake Boi He’s Slippery,

    I think his Durance whould have A Gnostic bent to him, in Many Cultures Snakes are Symbols of healing, Protection and, Knowledge.

    He was Taken by his Keeper For Help in There False paradise..

    The Lion with a Mane of Fire Steals mortals who Caught his interest to his realm. A Garden/Forest where they are treated Sometimes as Treasured pets, sometimes as Pretty scenery, The lion hates when they disobey to him Basic and Obvious rules.

    I’ll fill this in Later.

    He Breed Some Goblin fruits. That give people Knowledge but not just any knowledge , Knowledge that Changes your view of the World ,Mostly to see systems you are trapped in.

    Makes two other Changling Eat the fruit They realize that the Keeper’s domain is a trap.
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    What is the actual question, what part do you need advice on?