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    Though I am not much of a player I find all of the Onyx Path Game lines extremely intriguing and find them very inspiring for my various creative ventures, after reading both editions of Changeling: The Lost I came up with my own versions of the Seasonal Courts and how they appear to the mundane world and I would be interested to hear the Seasonal Courts that all of you have made in your chronicles.

    The Spring Court is known as The Emerald Dawn and I have had thoughts of it resembling a Talent Agency/Event Planners and the members include:
    Green Jack: An Elemental (Plants) based on the Green Man of Gaelic/Brittonic Celt Mythology
    Clair Skye: An Elemental (Air)/Nightsinger based on the Vila of Slavic Mythology
    Silvanus: A Beast based on the Satyr from Greek Mythology
    Luminous Lena: A Fairest/Bright One based on the Light Elf from Norse Mythology
    Jackrabbit Harvey: A Beast/Runnerswift based on the Trickster Hare from Native American Mythology
    Irongut Ethan: An Ogre based on the Ogre from Gaulish Celt (French) Mythology
    Swanhilda: A Beast based on the Swan Maiden from Germanic Mythology among various others

    The Summer Court is known as The Firelords and I decided on them having the mundane cover of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club and the members include:
    Wildfire Jack: An Elemental (Fire) based on the Salamander from Possibly Greek Mythology or Alchemical Folklore
    Eldberg: An Ogre based on the Eldjotunn (Fire Giants) of Norse Mythology
    Razortooth Ray: An Ogre/Gristlegrinder based on the Red Cap from Gaelic/Brittonic Celt Mythology
    Lady Solara: A Beast/Bright One based on the Firebird of Slavic Mythology
    Foxy Lisa: A Beast/Riddleseeker based on the Trickster Fox of Gaulish Celt (French) Mythology
    Thunderbird Johnny: An Elemental (Lightning) based on the Thunderbird from Native American Mythology
    Stormy Skye: An Ogre based on the Storm Giants of Germanic Mythology

    The Autumn Court is known as Twilight's Embrace and decided to give them a Gothic Aesthetic and their commons as a Steampunk Lounge and the members include:
    Darkwater Donna: An Elemental (Water)/Nightsinger based on the Rusalka of Slavic Mythology
    One-Eyed Jack: An Ogre based on the Cyclops of Greek Mythology
    Nocturna: A Fairest based on the Dark Elves of Norse Mythology
    Corvinus: A Beast based on the Trickster Raven from Native American Mythology
    Pondscum Peggy: An Ogre based on the Grindylow from Gaelic/Brittonic Celt Mythology
    Lorelei: A Beast/Nightsinger based on the Nixie from Germanic Mythology
    Night Eyes Nick: An Ogre/Lurkglider based on the Gargoyle from Gaulish Celt (French) Mythology

    The Winter Court is known as Winterhaven and unfortunately I am having a hard time coming up with a unifying theme and mundane cover so far the only thing I could come up with was a homeless shelter or shantytown and the members include:
    Wintry Wanda: An Elemental (Snow/Ice)/Snowskin based on the Snow Maidens of Germanic Mythology
    Rimehart: An Ogre/Snowskin based on the Hrimthurs (Frost Giants) of Norse Mythology
    Stoneface Stacy: An Elemental (Earth) based on the Oread of Greek Mythology
    The Snowcat: A Beast/Riddleseeker based on the Lynx Spirit of Native American Mythology
    Lorehound: A Beast/Hunterheart based on the Cwn Annwn from Gaelic/Brittonic Celt Mythology
    Sophie the Snow Hag: A Darkling/Snowskin based on the Hag from Gaulish Celt (French) Mythology among others
    Dedushka: A Wizened/Chatelaine based on the Domovoi of Slavic Mythology