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    As I am someone with Asperger's Syndrome, I have a hard time thinking outside my own head which causes me no end of difficulty in fleshing out a characters backstory. I have a Changeling from my Autumn Court called Nocturna who is a Fairest based on a Dark Elf. As a whole my Autumn Court has adopted the Goth Punk aesthetic but I am trying to expand beyond the surface to get at what makes her tick. I am wondering if anyone could offer me any suggestions on any Positive and Negative Character Traits I could incorporate into her? To give some context I will offer you a brief physical description and her former Keeper and Durance. Nocturna is 5'10" tall with a slender build and weighs about 135lbs. She has long black hair in a side shaved/undercut style and silver or ice blue eyes. She also has luminescent porcelain skin and pointed ears. She was abducted by the True Fae known as The Dark Queen of Eternal Night and spent her durance as handmaiden/lady-in-waiting. I am looking forward to hearing some of your ideas.

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    You could draw from your experience and give her Asperger's Syndrome, that would be very distinctive. Turn your disadvantage into an advantage.
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      To become a Lost, you need to have lost something, so I'd start to think about her character as a human. What was she like before being abducted? What was her life and family like and what were her dreams and goals? What values and convictions did she have? What moral lines would she never cross?

      Then came the durance, where she lost all of that. How much of her old self did her Keeper destroy, and how did she change because of it? What remains the same? How is her connection with her old family and friends now? What are her new goals? How have her moral lines been redrawn?

      Now, in general with roleplaying characters, I personally try to find what -I- want my character to have achieved and then I purposefully set my character back a few steps so it has something to work towards. However, first check with your storyteller / game master if these goals are something you will be able to work towards, so you're not setting yourself back in vain.