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Lady-In-Waiting to The Dark Queen of Eternal Night

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  • Lady-In-Waiting to The Dark Queen of Eternal Night

    In my quest to write a background for Nocturna, it seems that I would like her Durance to play a part in who she is and for that I need to expand what I know of her Keeper and what kinds of things she forced Nocturna to do. So far I have a the following:

    A detailed physical description of The Dark Queen of Eternal Night: My Keeper who I knew only as ‘The Dark Queen of Eternal Night’ appeared to me as a tall, slender, and statuesque woman with porcelain skin and dressed in a black Victorian style ball gown accented with areas of deep violet and midnight blue. As she drew closer I was at once struck by the piercing violet gaze of her cat-like, amethyst eyes fringed with long thick lashes and crowned with thin arched eyebrows. As I took in her otherworldly beauty I also noticed her pointed nose, full crimson lips, angular cheekbones; with pointed ear tips peeking out from her long, straight and glossy hair of spun onyx that frames her oblong face. I found that, when I was required to touch her in the course of my duties as her Lady-in-Waiting, her porcelain skin was just as smooth and silky soft.

    I also know that I see The Dark Queen as a Callous, Vain and Authoritarian Monarch, unfortunately I really do not know how to expand on that.

    I was hoping that some of you would be willing to offer any suggestions as to some of the duties Nocturna was forced to perform as a Lady-In-Waiting to The Dark Queen and what kind cruel punishments she inflicted upon Nocturna when her performance was found wanting. I am also accepting suggestions as to the sorts of Trauma Nocturna suffered in her durance to transform her from a Cheerfully Optimistic Human to a Cynical and Manipulative Changeling.

    I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

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    I imagine Nocturna is a Darkling Nightsinger, correct ?

    The Queen has remade Nocturna many times, her body a living music instrument. The Queen is a musician without peer and will often entertain parties with her mastery of melodies from sunset to dawn's first light. To this end she constantly tunes Nocturna. Sometimes she swaps her vocal cords for an organ's pipe, other times she removes her nails one by one before replacing them with piano keys. There was that one time when she unnaturally contorted every bone in her body into the shape of a violoncello, somehow spinning her tongue into its cords.

    Returning to the estate was no better, for it was a gigantic music box, where they would need to perform intricate plays to perform even the most menial tasks. Each room with a music style, each task had a music, each changeling had to play the role of performer and moving instrument at once. Woe befell the unfortunate changeling who stopped dancing or missed the rhythm, her umbral majesty making further modifications until she was satisfied.

    So her days went, accompanying her lady in promenades through the fields of Allegro, the bone orchids of the Dirge, the decadent gourmet halls of the Waltz.

    But one day, while the monarch of the evergloom choreographed the masked dancers of the Falsetto, Nocturna struck. She had figured out that a room's rhythm could be swapped and once a new one was established, the Queen herself was mystically bound to follow it as well. So she and other changelings staged a change in one of the plays, a swap in the music, costumes, cadence and rhythm so bizarre that even she was unable to follow. They hoped to use this chance to sneak out as she obsessed over an unknown music, but things didn't go according to plan.

    As she continued to fail and try again with increasingly more frenzied, desperate purpose, something unexpected happened. The Keeper started to bleed ink, every drop scattering music notes that raced about the walls, desperately trying to write down the partiture of the play. Her obsidian form falling and dissolving into it as if a rock had sunk into a lake, piles of instruments emerging from the floor in a cacophonous staccato. They wasted not a breath and ran, out of the music box. But perhaps today all the remembers is running through the Hedge, through the streets of a Victorian town by the lake, ceaselessly running home under the light of the kindly moon. But would she find her home intact ? Who knows, but by the time she arrives there, her time in Arcadia will be almost faded from her mind, quasi una fantasia.
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      Thank you for your suggestion, but
      Actually when I originally designed Nocturna using 1st Edition I designed her as a Fairest/Shadowsoul, though since they have yet to translate that Kith to 2nd Edition she is simply a Kithless Fairest.
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        I would think a cruel punishment would be complete isolation and sensory deprivation. It's one thing to live in a realm of darkness. You get used to that, and learn to appreciate all things dark. But just when you are used to hearing your queen and fellow changelings, making out their silhouettes and seeing in the dark, being completely robbed of that (As if plunged into ABSOLUTE empty darkness) would be a horrible thing. It'd be the equivalent of an angry parent locking you in a closet for disobedience.


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          I see, I thought Nocturna was an allusion to the nocturne music style. Shadowsoul looks like it shouldn't be too difficult to convert to 2ed.

          Could you please tell me a bit more about Nocturna ? What was her pre-Durance life like ? If you were to express her concept into one word or short sentence, what would it be ? The more I know, the easier it will be to create a thematic one.

          New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

          The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists


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            If it also helps I will include here some notes on The Dark Queen of Eternal Night's mentality to go along with the physical description I included in my original posting.
            The Dark Queen of Eternal Night sadistically thrives on humiliating her changeling captives and seems to feed off their fear.
            The Dark Queen of Eternal Night is a Machiavellian True Fae who feels that humans are nothing more than play things to be used, abused and then discarded at will.

            To help with the thematic Narrative I will also include a description of The Dark Queen of Eternal Night's realm:
            The Darklands which consists of the Fortress of Shadows and the city in which it sits along with the majority of its population are a manifestation of a the True Fae known only as The Dark Queen of Eternal Night. It resembles a thriving urban metropolis perpetually reminiscent of Victorian Era London forever cloaked in the curtain of night and lit only by the bluish gloom of an ever present full moon perched at the top of the sky. At the heart of the city lies the Fortress of Shadows, where the Dark Queen herself resides and holds court. The fortress appears to be a vast Victorian Gothic Revival Manor house built from stones that appear to have been carved from solid darkness. Surrounding the urban sprawl is a great temperate forest reminiscent of Germany’s Black Forest and is home to many fae beasts. The Seemings and Kiths of her changelings depend upon the service she chooses for them. Those who serve as her handmaidens and domestic servants can find themselves within either the Fairest or Wizened Seemings. While those that serve as the guardians of her Fortress find themselves within the Ogre Seeming.

            Here is what I have thus far on Nocturna:

            Concept: Goth Model/Femme Fatale
            Appearance: After escaping her Keeper and joining the Autumn Court I picture her as either the Deathrocker and/or Victorian Goth Stereotypes

            Personality Traits:
            • Cheerful
            • Friendly
            • Optimistic
            • Insecure
            • Irrational
            • Frivolous
            Before her abduction from the mundane world, Nocturna was known as Melanie Alfsson. A cheerfully friendly optimistic girl born and raised in Chicago, IL as the only daughter of loving parents. Her father was the son of Swedish emigrants who had moved to America in search of the American dream.

            Personality Traits:
            • Sexy
            • Charismatic
            • Persuasive
            • Cynical
            • Manipulative
            • Egocentric
            Before her abduction, Nocturna’s disposition was cheerful, friendly, and optimistic but the horrors she witnessed while in service to the Dark Queen of Eternal Night left her quite cynical and distrustful of others. She enjoys reading urban fantasy series, listening to gothic metal music watching horror movies in her spare time. After taking about a month to re-acclimate herself with the mundane world and find her place within the Autumn Court of the Chicago Freehold, she landed a job as Goth/Alternative model. Due to her durance within the Darklands, Nocturna has developed a strong affinity for the Goth subculture and though she strongly favors the Deathrocker or Metalhead Goth, she also indulges in the Victorian Goth type as that was the dress code enforced by her Keeper.

            The following I am currently undecided on but will include for your benefit, I like the idea of having time move at a different rate between the mortal realm and Arcadia though I do not know which rate I like better.
            Option 1. The year she spent in Arcadia was a decade back on Earth.
            Option 2. The five days she spent in Arcadia was five years back on Earth.
            I am also leaning toward having her abducted at the age of 20 but again not entirely sure.

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              Originally posted by Darklander View Post

              The following I am currently undecided on but will include for your benefit, I like the idea of having time move at a different rate between the mortal realm and Arcadia though I do not know which rate I like better.
              Option 1. The year she spent in Arcadia was a decade back on Earth.
              Option 2. The five days she spent in Arcadia was five years back on Earth.
              I am also leaning toward having her abducted at the age of 20 but again not entirely sure.

              I have always enjoyed when it came to 1ed Changeling to either play up the isolation aspect due to the durance or downplay the shock upon returning as both have their pros and cons. To that end, I feel option 1 would be much more interesting upon return as the Goth trend was barely getting started upon their arrival in Arcadia and a full-blown hot topic mania upon return


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                When I build the history and background of a character I always try to keep it simple to later develop a larger description, and for that I use FATE-like aspects that descrive in short sentences who the character and her history is, based on what narrative elements are important in the game (maximum 5 aspects plus the concept)

                It is only a suggestion, but you could try to use a tale-like structure like Opening, Build-up (that would be the abduction), Dilemma (the durance), Resolution and Ending for the story, plus the Concept. Keeping it short of words makes it easier to grasp the concept and to have an idea of who the character is.

                Example: Isabella the Dark Knight
                - Concept: what is the tale about? (Former dark knight seeking redemption)
                - Opening: who your character was? (Bullied girl that took refuge reading and writting dark fantasy literature)
                - Build-up/Abduction: who abducted the character, how and why? (The Dark Lord promised her power to punish the bullies, feeding her pain and hate)
                - Dilemma/Durance: how was her durance? (She was the executing hand and leader of the armies of The Dark Lord)
                - Resolution: how she scaped and why? (Repented, she led a rebellion against her keeper... and she lost)
                - Ending: what is doing now? (She teach personal defense for bullied people)

                Personality traits will come later during gameplay, but if you want to start wih something I like your choice of three "positive" and "negative" concepts. For Nocturna I would use a mix of the two, something that would reflect her trauma but also how she tries to rebel on what she had to be and to do.


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                  Thank you all for your help and I will keep all of your suggestions in mind, though my biggest hurdle is the fact that even though I have created these characters, I unfortunately have no game to put them in. Though You all have been giving me a lot to think about and I have been putting much thought into it and I hope to develop it further.
                  Thanks Again and please all suggestions welcome.