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My House Rules For True Fae In 2e

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  • My House Rules For True Fae In 2e

    By default, all True Fae have access to Ruled By Passion and Divine Flesh Fae Aspects.

    The former gives them a Virtue and Vice, but inverted in how they replenish Willpower. In other words, they can regain 1 Willpower from their Virtue once each scene and all Willpower from their Vice once each chapter. Otherwise, select Virtue and Vice for them as you would for a mortal.

    The latter heals all bashing and lethal damage at the start of each turn, and downgrade all sources of Aggravated damage into lethal (even magical ones), except Cold Iron. Damage dealt by Cold Iron and other Banes is considered Resistant.

    They have access to a number of Skill Specialties equal to their [Wyrd/2 round up].

    They gain Skill dots equal to [Wyrd x 10] and Merit dots equal to [Wyrd x 4].

    Whenever you do not wish to give them all of those Skill dots, every 5 dots of Skills can be exchanged for 1 dot of Dread Powers, which are listed under their Fae Aspects. Such abilities can mimic those of Bluebook Horrors or Hobgoblins, a Kith Blessing + Trickery, Numina and Influences.

    The True Fae activate their Fae Aspects with Glamour, and often buy dots of Influence over certain emotions to make up for the fact that they cannot have Court Contracts. Any such Fae Aspect is subject to the limits of Cold Iron. In other words: Unbreakable and such are bypassed entirely, and not a single True Fae can have any magic related to Iron. True Fae can have a maximum of 3 Kith Blessings + Trickery, and their Kiths are often monstrous in their Mien and effects.

    You do not have to give them all of their possible Merit dots, but don't exchange leftover dots of Merits into Fae Aspects. Instead, leftover Merit dots may add new Skill Specialties on a 1 for 1 ratio.

    True Fae can have as many dots in Skills like Crafts, Expression and Empathy as they want, despite their solipsism and creative sterility. However, any use of such Skills or equivalent ones that is not based on theft, imitation or plagiarism is automatically reduced to a chance die, which cannot be modified in any way. Therefore, such Skills find more use for activating their Contracts/Fae Aspects.

    Last but not least, True Fae can have any dice pools for any Contracts/Fae Aspects, as long as they fit the Title currently being used to manifest. And since they have access to all hypothetical Contracts within their Favored Regalia, the ST is free to come up with new powers for them on the fly, as long as they fit the purview of the Regalia and Title.

    These house rules have been inspired by those that Reighnhell uses for his Bluebook Horrors, and by Autumn Nightmares/Equinox Road. Traits that have not been explicitly changed follow the mechanics presented in 2e.

    EDIT: Similarly to the God-Machine and the programming it gives to its Angels, the Wyrd gives a measure of protection to the True Fae. In other words, any direct supernatural attempt to transform, control or negate a Title fails automatically because it triggers a Clash Of Wills against the Wyrd rather than the True Fae. This is due to the fact that the Wyrd counts as an Archmage-tier entity/phenomenon. Therefore, even an Acanthus with Fate 5 cannot simply Unmake a Title, but can certainly be more circumspect and clever in their application of said Arcanum in order to even the playing field. But even in such a situation, the True Fae will not hesitate to cheat if they can get away with it. That being said, powers like the Court Contracts which deal with emotions count as indirect tampering with a Title, and therefore the True Fae contest them normally.
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    I added an important observation to the original post.

    Let Him Speak.


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      I’m just going to steal this wholesale real quick. Fabulous work. Got 7 of these monstosities to make and this will definitely help me frame them