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    Note: I am using my house rules for the True Fae in 2e, and the 2e versions of his Kiths can be found here.

    Quote: “Fear not, I have come here to save you!”

    As far as Changelings are concerned, True Fae are villains for reasons that go without saying. But the thing about villains is that they are the heroes of their own stories, if you care to ask them. In all Arcadia, there are few Gentry who could hope to embody this idea more fiercely than the one who goes by the name of Lohemel.

    His assumed moniker already tells you what you really need to know about him, should you be familiar with the nomenclature of Biblical Angels. He chose that name because it is Hebrew for Warrior Of God. He rides forth into the Ironside on his Fae Mount, with a personally forged great-sword by his side and a cross around his neck.

    Lohemel wants to be a true hero above all else, you see. That's his reason to exist, and it shapes the entirety of his Title. He doesn't really have to make a lot of effort to be heroic, exactly. He's got the righteousness, conviction and bravery all figured out in abundance. His martial prowess and charisma are like forces of nature unto themselves as well. There's just one problem: he is still a solipsistic monster, even if his particular type of solipsism leads him to seek nominally good deeds over evil ones. Those who know him usually say that this doesn't seem to bother him very much on most days. But a rare few claim to have seen him moping around listlessly on occasion, as if incredibly bored.

    The truth of the matter is that Lohemel isn't bored of his Title. He is experiencing something that shouldn't be possible for a True Fae: an existential crisis. There is a tiny but very loud voice in the back of his mind telling him that the story he embodies is just a pretty lie. And that can make him remarkably upset sometimes. Regardless of what caused this strange modicum of self-awareness, the way he copes with it is still capricious. He usually assuages his doubts by trying even harder to be heroic, which seldom works out like he expects. If someone has given him a reason to be angry, which is all too common, there will be bloodshed and brutality. Even then, he always gives those he considers evil-doers a chance to surrender, and does his best to avoid wholesale slaughter.

    But none of that has ever made the voice in his head go away for more than a day. As the centuries pass and his approach to heroism offers diminishing returns, he finds himself growing restless and even desperate. He can't change under his own will, regardless of how strong. It is beyond his reach simply because he is a True Fae. He is slowly realizing this, and there's no way to know for certain what will happen once the full weight of the realization hits him.

    Description: A towering and muscle-bound barge of a man. His skin is tanned, with a strong jawline and many scars. The fact that he is bald doesn't impede his charisma, and his voice brings to mind the likes of knights, vikings and gladiators. Since his Fae Mount has the Mask of a motorcycle, he has adopted his own version of the biker aesthetic for his Mask, with a focus on religious iconography.

    In his Mien, he is a roughly humanoid abomination straight out of the Book Of Ezekiel: wheels within wheels, covered in eyes from his head to his feet and flesh made of fire. On top of it all, he has a halo of boiling blood, which sometimes leaks through his Mask in the form of his skin turning lurid crimson when angered. He quotes the Bible and other holy texts whenever it seems fitting to him, and likes to speak in verbose and grandiose ways. Unless he is truly livid, in which case the only thing he says is a brief explanation of your perceived sins, followed by "Repent Or Die".

    Storytelling Suggestion: There is very little that the PCs can do to physically oppose Lohemel. However, the ST is encouraged to arrange events that will show his existential crisis. From that point onward, the PCs may take advantage of that as they will. Maybe Lohemel can be goaded into compromising his own narrative and thus suffer a gradual Dwindling. But there is a chance that the PCs can serve as the catalyst for Lohemel to experience a one-of-a-kind epiphany: he can't become a true hero on his own, but can attain the next best thing by proxy. He could do this by turning his Title from an Actor into an equivalent Prop, and then offering it to the PCs. That way, the Title lives on and will be wielded by individuals with genuine agency, for better or worse.

    Virtue: Justice
    Vice: Wrath
    Aspirations: Inspire Others By Being A Paragon, Fight Worthy Foes, Protect The Innocent

    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 6
    Physical Attributes: Strength 7, Dexterity 5, Stamina 7
    Social Attributes: Presence 6, Manipulation 1, Composure 5

    Skills: Academics (Religion, Tactics And Strategy) 3, Crafts (Blacksmithing) 4, Investigation (People In Trouble) 3, Occult 2, Athletics 3, Brawl 6, Ride 3, Survival 2, Weaponry 6, Empathy 1, Expression (Zealotry) 4, Intimidation 5, Persuasion 2, Socialize 3, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2

    Merits: Common Sense 3, Crack Rider 3, Greyhound 1, Parkour 3, Barfly 2, Inspiring 3, Iron Will 2, Brute Force 1, Acute Senses 1, Fae Mount 5 (Actormask, Burdenback, Chatterbox, Dreamspun, Hedgefoot [Flying]), Lethal Mien 2

    Willpower: 10
    Defense: 7
    Initiative: 10
    Speed: 20 (Species Factor 8)
    Health: 13 (Size 6)
    Wyrd: 7
    Regalia: Crown, Shield, Sword
    Seeming Blessing: Ogre
    Frailties: Cannot refuse a duel of martial prowess (major taboo), must not enter holy ground uninvited (minor taboo), the blood of a pacifist (minor bane)
    Fae Aspects: Divine Flesh, Kith (Bloodbrute, Cyclopean, Ifrit), Ruled By Passion, Unbreakable
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    Let Him Speak.

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    I like it. Not only is this version of Lohemel an active character, he has an internal conflict baked in. There's many directions his arc could go.

    This post inspired me to look through our old conversations. Good times. There is a lot of material you could extract from them into your public posts. Plot hooks and such.