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    Recently I've been considering playing up how the courts seem to be, or at least contain, 4 of the 5 stages of grief by playing a courtless who was a twisted expression of "acceptance". By this, I mean acting in a way a true fey would, mirroring his captor and though some might think he is a loyalist being the furthest from. Just a very much fight fire with fire type. Which brought me to the idea of how could a changeling make a fetch themselves.

    Then an idea struck me, a true fey makes a fetch with a scrap of a changeling's shadow/soul. What if you were to prepare a 'vessel' and imbue it with a (preferably your) icon? That should definitely fit a narrative equivalence. Then if you cannot find an icon in the hedge in desperation you could go to a goblin market in search of a token that'd allow you to carve out an icon yourself, losing that box of clarity as the icon is separated from you.

    So, with the soul side of the matter squared away and accounted for, how would you see a changeling creating a fetch, how would they do it? Of course, seeking such knowledge and magic would be a quest in itself and their fellow changelings would no doubt suspect and fear such a venture if they learnt of it.

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    I honestly think the resulting fetch would instead be a Extempore Promethean, it was one of my character concept, i guess any changeling catching a glimpse of inspiration from the divine fire and with the desire to create something living fetch could create one, i guess the process would be very similar to how true fae create fetches. Maybe the changelign would need hedgespun material mix with mundane one, fill its inside wtih thorns from the hedge, make a promise to give him life on a token that would be placed insie its chest where the heart should be. Possibilities are nearly endless with changeling and i could definitely see a Wizened get very creative with their blessing