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Destroying a fetch in the backstory

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  • Destroying a fetch in the backstory

    Hello, We are going to start a chronicle next week and a player wants to start the game having destroyed his fetch. What are your thoughs about this?

    My gut say no but at the same time it creates some interesting repercusions for the character.

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    I'd say if base character creation no, if they are starting with extra xp sure.

    But that said, allowing it is at worst robbing themself of the narrative. What has their fetch done with their life? How different are the choices they made compared to what you'd have done? Can you seamlessly pretend to be them or will you simply take back your life?

    Then there is the issue of clarity, killing your own fetch risks harming your own clarity. At low clarity it might not be much. if you allow it at gen I'd say it should be have to be recent enough that this risk of clarity is still relevant.

    If they just don't want to deal with a fetch, it is listed that on some cases a true fey didn't bother leaving one.


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      Sometimes the Fey don't even make one, sure. Also, it's entirely possible for the fetch to die through accident or whatever before the associated Changeling returns. That brings its own complications since you are "known to be dead" in the community/society.



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        Largely it depends on what that fact is going to do for the story from there onward. If they have something interesting regarding that, go for it.

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          It can be interesting if you explore the repercussion of killing the fetch, the fetch surely had friends, work, and the original family of the changeling.
          The authorities might even be searching for the changeling, or maybe another member of the freehold approach the character, seeking their help in dealing with their own fetch.