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Zorulan: Changeling Cenobite

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  • Zorulan: Changeling Cenobite

    Concept: Cenobite of the Void, a he was made into a singularity of a predatory blackhole, sucking stuff and beings into his shadow where he was made to hunt, torture, and them, only to make Hobgoblin and Hedge Ghosts servants out of the tattered remains of their body and souls. He escaped by figuring out he could use riddle kith to tenporarily turn himself into a Helldiver, phasing out to escape his own gravitational pull, at the price of horrifically mutilating his flesh using his gravity to tear it appart, and put it back together again.

    Seeming: Darkling
    Kith: Hunterheart
    Court: Autumn
    Contracts: Mirror Darkly, Potents and Visions, Loyal Servant, Uncanny, Discreet Summons, Riddle-Kith.
    Merits: ••••• Mantle, •••• Fae Mount (Chatterbox, Hedge Feet, Manyleagues, Actormask (appearance Motorcycle), looks like a giant hell bat with flames for feet), •• Hollow (•• Size, looks a huge, largely empty, Arabian style Palace, made of enchanted Onyx and gold).
    Touchstone: Amber Stone (Occultist & Lover, basically trades affection for magic).
    Strength ••
    Dexterity ••
    Stamina ••
    Intelligence ••
    Resolve ••
    Manipulation ••••
    Presence •••
    Compure ••
    Mien: Unless he's changed his kith with riddle kith, then he as ashen white skin, with eyes like a jacklatern, each eye socket having a small burning candle for eyes (Autumn mantle expression). Chiseled into his flesh are series of symbols tied tor each of his contracts, each symbol glistening with unshed blood. The skin on each hand and feet have flayed off, leaving exposed muscle. His presence causes a tingling in the spine (another Autumn mantle expression), and his shadow isn't just black, it's so black it seems to absorb light with an unnatural hunger. Most of his magic seems to come more from his hungry shadow then from him. The difference between pain, pleasure, and fear seem blurred close him or when caught by his gaze.
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    Did not hit me that Darklings could do that until now. That is incredibly cool and possibly broken for a Darkling who has a vast knowledge of Kith lore

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
      Did not hit me that Darklings could do that until now. That is incredibly cool and possibly broken for a Darkling who has a vast knowledge of Kith lore
      Yeah it's a crazy powerful build. A darkingly with riddle kith is powerful, but Discreete Summons is just about as riddle kith, you can summon a generic version of any object up to size 5, tools, nukes, gerenades, laptops, drugs, smartphones, guns, tasers, credit cards, ect... And pull them from it's pocket or shadows. And hobgoblins that can do crazy things, and look like all kinds of stuff with varied Dread powers and contracts of their own.

      And Loyal Servant can be used all kinds of things, like darkness, light, fire, stone, steel, corpses (yeah you can make all kinds of cool zombies).

      Oh and thanks to Autumn Court ••••• he can share any magic effect that effects him, like if he turns into a leechfinger, he can share the healing, including with the person who he'd drained the life from thanks to riddle kith. Or drags someone with him into twilight if he is using the Helldiver Kith's power. Or share the effects of goblin fruit. Or his Darkling Seeking blessing. Or bounce a magic attack back at their attacker.
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        Oh and Kith and Kin will boost the value of riddle kith even more.