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Does anyone else feel Changelings make most of Beast: the Primordial seem redundant?

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    Originally posted by nothri View Post
    Also I was a little weirded out by the parallels with Beast and Changeling. No not that Changeling the other Changeling! Old school Changeling the Dreaming. Both those games featured dream entities living within human hosts who believed they had a kinship with all the other things that go bump in the darkness. I’m not saying it was a huge deal but it definitely contributed to my overall lack of interest. The setting didn’t feel as fresh as it might have.
    Nah, that was never too surprising to me.

    The line dev for Beast was also the line dev for the Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Beast was meant to be a way to bring in elements of Dreaming into CofD that Lost didn't already cover.


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      Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
      There's a fair amount of overlap one way or another. A properly executed Beast is, in a stupidly simplistic sense, Scion-but-Chronicles-of-Darkness.

      Albeit, it has a lot of room to be weirder than that, but the general gist is there.
      Quoted for truth. Reduced to core elements (which admittedly ignore lots of differences, themes and plenty of elements esclusive to each other) the skeleton of Beast and Scion are made of similar bones.

      It's how they're arranged and the flesh upon them that changes. But that's a whole different big discussion.

      Overall, I'd say Primordial is closer to Scion and Dreaming than it is to 2E Lost (for reasons others already covered). Which is a good thing, mind you: gives more breathing room for both games to exist in a single setting.

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        Now that you say that i think i wouldve really loved for Beast to focus more on this aspect.
        The idea that the horror wants its legend to spread, gets stronger and more defined the more people talk about it. This interest me much more than the hunger aspect currently.
        This would also make for a nice contrast and interesting interactions with the rest of CofD cast who all prefer to stay hidden.

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          There's more about building your legend in the Player's Guide.

          I think that touches on a problem that Beast and other lines have, or had in their first edition, which is that the core book spends a lot of time on the basic existential threats a splat faces. These are all the reasons that being X is difficult and scary and likely to end badly. They're geared for starting characters, and there's only so much in the way of word count to spend detailing advanced options. Then the supplements are free to dig into the question of 'ok, you survived your first few threats and have something approaching a sustainable routine, where do you go now that you have room to look beyond the next meal?'

          It makes sense to build the foundation that way, but it also sometimes leaves prospective players with a first impression that the stories are more limited than is actually the case.


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            The Beats Actually remind Changelings of the True Fae.


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              It's worth noting that that's only in part, and more superficial than not. Beasts in other Realms (including the Hedge) have a stronger impact due to their Horror's influence than is normal outside of high Wyrd Lost and Gentry, like the Gentry they have an aptitude to poke around in dreams, and plenty of Beasts are as abusive as Keepers are.

              If a Beast and a changeling sit down and chat about it, it would be pretty clear that the Begotten are distinct from the Gentry in a bunch of major ways; not that the Lost will necessarily care about this when considering the Beast a threat or not.