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Changeling: The Dreaming = True Fae? [Lore Question]

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  • Changeling: The Dreaming = True Fae? [Lore Question]

    Hey all. So, as the title says, I was passing a few pages of WoD: Time of Judgement and I was left with a question that I simply had to see answered.

    I don't have the exact page number or anything, and I barely know anything about CTD. I'm more of a CTL fan myself, but I'll do my best to express this question of mine.

    I understand that Time of Judgement is supposed to be the end of the Old World of Darkness, and that there are multitude of endings and that it ultimately depends on the Storyteller and the players to decide the ultimate fate of the changelings of the Dreaming.

    ... But, could it be possible that, in this case, the end means the Dreaming collapses (or something with equal consequences that leave it in a pretty bad state), and the imagination as a concept dies in what was the OWoD, and some Changelings, in an attempt to survive and recreate their glory of old and stuff, created/found the land of Arcadia from CTL, thus becoming the first beings in that brave new world and, with time as unpredictable as it is inside Arcadia, became the True Fae that the changelings of the Chronicles of Darkness fear so much?

    Of course, this is just a theory. I could go even a step further and propose that the Time of Judgement was some sort of 'hard reset' made by the God-Machine to make itself present in the new reality (kinda like the vex from destiny want to fuse themselves with the reality).

    But anyway, too much speculation from my part. The gist of all of this is the following: Could it be possible that the Changelings depicted in CTD [are/have some conection with] the True Fae in CTL?

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    I'm not sure what "possible" or "theory" means here, given the whole thing is a work of fiction and not real. Is it intended by the writers that the Gentry might be the fae of oChangeling? Almost certainly not, except to the extent that, by making another game called Changeling, they inevitably know some folks will have fun twisting in connections. Is it intended by the writers that the God-Machine initiated the Time of Judgment? Well, nobody actually came up with the God-Machine until after the Time of Judgment had been written, so at the very least it'd have to be a retcon.

    Do you mean is it a plausible interpretation of the worlds described by the two games? Anything can hang together if you make up enough ideas to support the transition, but at the very least, this would mean that either the Dreaming fae who escaped the final Winter went way crazier by the time Lost sets games in, or only the nastiest of the bunch were able to pull it off and become the Gentry we know now.


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      Probably not. Gentry weren't even the original rulers of Arcadia in CofD so it's unlikely for them to be the first beings of existence. I'm also not sure there is much similarity between True Fae and dreaming-changelings.

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        Impossible? No. Probable? *shrugs*

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          Officially? No, they aren't. But could they be? Weeelll....

          Originally posted by tasti man LH View Post
          [One possibility is that]...once the Long Winter/End Times hit, some of the changelings managed to figure out how to get back to Arcadia. And as such, were able to survive the wave of Banality and not get Undone. But they still require some kind of sustenance from humanity...but since they can't step into the Autumn World anymore, they have to resort to enticing and kidnapping humans. What was previously the Enchanted start to become the Lost changelings.

          Not that the Dreaming changelings as abusers wasn't a huge leap: reading through the various methods of gaining Glamour, there was an undercurrent of them engaging in some pretty heinous abusive behavior. Ravaging and Rhapsody obviously, but even Musing, the most encouraged form of the Epiphanies, has the air of engaging in codependent relationships. That the Dreamer can only create art with the assistance of the changeling. In combination of the diminishing returns of Glamour as the Dreamer keeps struggling to create art with the same amount of impact with the same amount of Glamour. It wouldn't take much for a changeling to decide to just abandon the Dreamer and move on to a different one, without really caring about the state of the Dreamer. Also, since the Dreaming can be just as toxic of a place as the Autumn World and actually drives them closer to Bedlam (which in Dreaming is a different thing then in Lost). Which could explain the Gentry's demeanor and reasoning being so inhuman, could explain why they're so incapable of empathy.
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