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  • Fan Made True Fae and character idea

    In this thread I plan to put some of my ideas for True Fae characters. The reason I don't put these ideas in the thread marked True Fae Characters is that thread, I introduce monsters and villains from actual folklore and mythology. In this thread, I plan to put down some ideas for playing True Fae as the major antagonist instead of a changeling's fetch, rival courts, loyalists, or Huntsmen. It is my hope that the ideas in this thread plus the True Fae and Beasts thread will give players ideas on how to use the villains mentioned in the True Fae characters thread as major antagonists.

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    This True Fae is a manifestation of the fairy tale concepts of Prince Charming and the fairy tale Beauty (Prince) and the Beast. He has two actors; Prince Charming and Beast.

    Prince Charming: In this manifestation of the heroic prince coming to rescue the damsel in distress. The women he targets are often in an abusive relationship or social outcasts: they might be the high school nerd, goth chick, fat woman who mails herself love letters, the lonely and bitter old crone. The women he chooses are almost always plain or downright homely; monstrously fat or EXTREMELY skinny with no breasts. He rides to them on a white horse and makes them his princess and then queen. He uses the True Fae version of tale craft to give them youthful and beautiful forms. However, he views this processes as an art form and usually takes time while trying to draw out their good traits. Initially, he is very kind and courtly towards his new queen. HOWEVER, is is extremely sexually predatory and this manifests in several ways. Firstly, the women he chooses are in a wide age range, from as young as twelve years old to over one hundred and one. Secondly, not all the women he steals away are in abusive relationships. Some of them simply came to take their normal lives for granted. Finally, the more beautiful and younger they become, the more he finds them dull and boring. He starts becoming neglectful, abusive and cruel, until he finally leaves them for a new princess.

    Beast: In this form, he plays out the role of the character in the story. He has several lairs/ castles in Europe and North America, where he acts as the invisible hosts for his guests, providing them with whatever they need. However, if they take something that is not offered them (which inevitably happens), he appears in all his bestial glory. He makes the same offer/ threat that the beast makes in the fairy tale, either their life or the first thing that greets them when they get back, either their wife or daughter. The women that he gains this way he transforms into a type of predatory beast; wolf, lion, tiger, bear, or perhaps some raptor like a hawk, falcon, eagle, or owl… In some cases, the man offer his life (they have read the story, as well and know what the consequences of offering the first thing that greets them will be). In this case, the Beast transforms them into a prey species like a rabbit, stag, or pheasant. In his forest, the Beast hunts the men with his predatory concubines.

    Here is a general idea of what his realm in Arcadia looks like…

    When you see it from skyline, it looks like the opening scene of a Disney princess movie. A bright blue sky shines down on a Ivory castle surrounded by an emerald green forest. At ground level, things get a bit more scary. The trees are so close together that no sunlight gets in, creating a realm of eternal knight. The paths are overgrown with roots and covered with leaves and other debris. One constantly hears the rustle of skittering things, the howls and shrieks of unknown animals….. and the only light are of glowing eyes that get closer and closer.

    When you enter the palace, you at first think you have found the ball scene from Cinderella. The first thing you will notice are the hundreds of princesses with no men in sight (until Prince Charming makes himself known). There are Arabian princesses with dark skin and hair, princesses of firelight or moonlight, princesses that smell like flowers, and even mermaid princesses. When you take a closer look…. it starts to look like a cross between the Bachelor and Battle Royale. They aren’t just bad mouthing each other and pulling each others hair. They are slipping poison into each others drinks, putting razor blades in their rivals slippers, and even setting each other on fire.

    The Changelings who escape from Beauty(Prince Charming) and the Beast is they had someone they loved. Not necessarily a lover or spouse, but also a child, parental figure, or friend who was closer to them than blood. The women(Fairest) initially fell under his charms/powers, because of their desire for the romantic ideal of prince charming. However, as Prince Charming, becomes more abusive and neglectful, they begin to remember the people who truly loved them. This love drives them to venture into the dark woods, through the hedge, and to the mortal realm.

    Note: Beauty( Prince Charming) and the Beasts Fairest have a harder time returning to their mortal lives than other changelings do, because they look nothing like their original appearance. Although most were plain when they were taken, they return strikingly beautiful (all have Striking Looks (2)) and many return younger than their original age. Worse, because of the abuse they suffered at the hand’s of their keeper many return with warped personalities.

    Yeah I know, this is nothing like official 2e fairest seeming changelings. I am actually hoping I can convince the producers to do a second variation of the Fairest seeming.

    Note: Here are the Stats of Beauty (Prince Charming) and the Beast’s Prince Charming Actor.

    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 5
    Physical Attributes: Dexterity 9, Strength 8, Stamina 7
    Social Attributes: Presence 9, Manipulate 9, Composure 4(0, when physically scarred)
    Mental Skills: Academics 6, Craft 5, Investigate 3, Occult 5, Politics 5
    Physical Skills: Athletics 7, Firearms 5, Larceny 3 (Kidnapping Women), Ride 5(Horses) Weaponry 7 (Rapier)
    Social Skills: Expression 6 (Singing, Musical instruments) Intimidation 4 (Abuse) Persuasion 6 (Seduction) Socialize 7 Subterfuge 6 (Seduction)
    Merits: Striking Looks 4, Fast Reflexes 4, Fencing 5

    Virtue: Loving
    Vice: Lust
    Initiative: 14
    Defense: 7
    Size: 6
    Speed: 15
    Health: 10
    Glamour per turn: 50/10
    Contracts: All contracts attuned to the Fairest seeming.

    Note: I intentionally left out his Wyrd and Clarity level, because it never made sense to me for a True Fae to have these stats. Wyrd represents potential and as powerful as they are, the True Fae’s abilities are stagnant. Clarity represents the balance between human and fae and True Fae are the absence of humanity (though I think it would be cool to introduce Once Born and Never Born versions of the True Fae)

    Mien’s Fae Features:

    Fairest of them All: The True Fae get 4 automatic successes instead of bonus dice where appearance would help.

    Courtly Manners: Suffers no penalties in social etiquette rolls and difficulties in reading social situations are made at one. Any supernatural power that would cause him to make a social faux pause is an automatic dramatic failure.

    Siren’s Song: get two automatic successes and all difficulties are zero when singing or playing a musical instrument. Also, all characters will stop what they are doing and come to the True Fae.

    For all his strengths, Beauty(Prince Charming) and the Beast has several major weaknesses, the first being love. Although the Title and Legend he represents the ideals of Romantic Love, the truth is he is incapable of feeling, this emotion, so he is actually the illusion of love. This manifests as several major frailties.
    1. His powers (High stats, contracts, pledges, and fairy features) will not work on a character motivated by True Love or True Friendship. This is why all the changelings who escaped from him had someone they loved.

    1. It can also lead to his permanent death. If someone who loves one of the changelings he kidnapped, enters his realm in Arcadia, grabs onto the Changeling, and doesn’t let go no matter the horrors puts in front of them, Prince Charmings power over the changeling is completely severed. The character (either fae touched or changeling) can then confront Beauty (Prince Charming) and the Beast with the truth that the love he represents is nothing but a lie. This is destroy the Title and Legend he represents, leading to his permanent death. All his changelings are then released from his control and his realm with start to die until another True Fae takes it over (though that Gentry is forced to let the changelings go, by the pact all the True Fae represent).

    3. Beauty(Prince Charming) and the Beasts other frailty is that if you can scar him with a piece of metal, his composure will drop to 0 and he will manifests as a raw force of destructive power. For all the destruction he causes in this form, it is easy to damage him and if you price him with the metal, this will kill a part of him and reduce some of his power.

    4. Finally, in his palace, their is a rose. If you destroy it, it will sever his connection to the title and Legends of Beauty and the Beast. This will greatly reduce his power.


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      As True Fae are the absence of humanity, it does not make sense to me for them to have clarity (which is balancing your human and fae half).

      I do think they should have a sense that acts as a jacked up version of clarity and mimics some of its effects. Here are some ideas I have come up with.

      Kenneling Abilities
      1. The True Fae can sense whenever someone says his name. No Dice role is needed.
      2. The True Fae can sense any phenomenon that will allow them to enter the mortal realm. Example: Prince Charming can sense whenever a woman desires her ideal lover to come whisk her away.
      3. True Fae can sense, smell, even taste human emotions with each one having a different smell/taste. No dice role or glamor is needed to activate this power.
      4. True Fae can sense the power of the wyrd with a low difficulty if the word is above 5.
      5. True Fae can sense Changeling court mantles especially if they are very high.
      6. The True Fae can sense the activation of supernatural powers and artifacts


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        Sorry! Misread the threaf's purpose! My bad!
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