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  • Hedgespun Item Bonuses

    In the book it says that Hedgespun Items can get a +1 to equipment bonus, armor rating, or weapon damage per dot. is this on top of what the item normally gives, or instead of? A longsword normally does 3 damage with -2 initiative. What stats would a Hedgespun sword get? 5 damage or 2? -2 init or no init modifier? What about size and min strength?
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    If I may add another question to the pile, does the armor bonus apply to general armor, ballistic armor, both or your choice of one or the other every time you buy a dot?

    Edit: that said, this is definitely a simple enough question to answer for someone who knows the answer. You should bring this to the general questions thread for this subforum. You have a better chance of getting an answer.
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