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  • Changeling Ultimate Endgame?

    Just so you know, I'm not that well versed on the CofD universe but I've noticed other gamelines have like an ultimate goal characters can aim for in the overall chronicle.

    Like, Mages have to possibility to Ascend; if a Beast wishes to, they can achieve any Inheritance variants: Prometheans get to be humans (I mean that's the whole point of the Pilgrimage lol), and so on. My point here is that other gamelines allow for a character to reach a certain point where they transcend and evolve beyond what a normal mage, beast, or promethean is in their 'natural' state'.

    What's the endgame for a Changeling then?

    I don't believe they can become True Fae, as that would be like becoming the very thing they fear, hate and resent. The most 'powerful' state I've seen in CTL are the changelings that rule the freehold and that's mostly because of the mantle thing. But I feel like there must be something more to it.

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    Originally posted by TJMike View Post
    What's the endgame for a Changeling then?

    I don't believe they can become True Fae, as that would be like becoming the very thing they fear, hate and resent.
    Uhhhh. I'm not sure what to tell you... but that kind of is their "endgame".

    It hasn't been explicitly restated in 2nd Edition as far as I am aware but take a look at the 1st Edition book "Equinox Roads". Most of it prolly still applies to 2nd Edition.

    That said, I have been wondering if Changelings could become something similar to the Old Huntsmen but that's speculation on my part.

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      Changelings do not have a published final endgame that is not the failstate of becoming Gentrified. Like werewolves and vampires, their primary focus is on adjusting to or controlling enough of their surroundings to maintain their health, safety, and agency.

      All three of the gamelines you're looking to have some level of inherent volatility to their powers, half of Beast's Inheritances are effectively modes of failure, and the magic of the Wyrd does not inherently steer itself toward "do a big magic and Transcend" outside of the confines of Arcadia.

      There's more information coming on Entitlements in Kith and Kin, and I suspect we'll be getting more to go on for becoming a Goblin Queen in either one of the two upcoming supplements or a later one, but pulling purely from earlier content the nearest thing is rumors that the founders of the Seasonal Courts managed to seize Fae Titles for themselves without becoming Strangers.

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        Most of the CofD (published so far, etc.) games don't have "end games" in a practical sense. Promethean and Beast are the only two the really have a solid mechanical framework for them where you're really supposed to try to move towards them as part of the game. More have theoretical endgames where there's some grand idea or goal, but it's not something players actually achieve. Mages can Ascend, sure, but it's not some process you play through it's a Mystery to explore, more than a destination. And then the rest basically ignore the concept all together because it's just not important to the game.


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          A Changeling's endgame is pretty simple: find a state where they can feel relatively stable and safe, then protect it.

          This is a game about survivors of trauma, people who have literally been plucked out of their lives, changed, and then found a way back to the real world only to find they don't quite fit in anymore. Even if there isn't a Fetch living their lives that they need to remove to reclaim their name, even if they aren't too much older or younger than they're supposed to be thanks to Arcadian Time, even if they can be relatively certain that their Keeper won't be coming back for them or sending huntsmen to claim them (and no Changeling is ever really convinced of this), they still have been radically altered in ways they can't really share with their friends and family. They have magic powers, they can see the touch of The Gentry and The Hedge everywhere, and they've gone through experiences that no one around them is going to completely be able to relate to -- except others who have been through the same thing.

          And when you layer all the other challenges atop this fundamental alienation -- having to decide how or even if you want to deal with your Fetch, the threat of Privateers and Huntsmen dragging you back, the alienation of dealing with a world where you're older or younger than you're supposed to be, and your own fractured and slippery sense of what is and is not real, the dysfunctional politics involved with the courts that are supposed to be helping keep your other problems at bay -- well, it's even harder to get to any sort of equilibrium, much less sustain it. The main theme of the game is that there is no "happily ever after." You do the best you can in an uncertain world, just like everyone else. You deal with the challenges that come your way day by day. That's the Long Road Home.-- it's a journey, not a destination.

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            I imagine that in the second edition restoring the Fallow Title of a Gently and the Eldritch Titles will be the changeling equivalents of Endgame "style". I imagine an option where you could return to being human counts, after all that counts for Promethean.
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