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    Yes, another character ideas compilation topic. Let's talk about changelings here.

    I start with the Dark Eras - Byzantium Empire character...

    1. Spy
    Fairest Kith: ??? Court: Winter
    She was pretty middle class girl. Too pretty. She was snatched by trickery and send to her Fae Lord. He then make her official ambassador to other Lords and Ladies. In truth, she stolen information from them for her Keeper Fauds with other Nobles. When in their courts - she took out information for her Lord. She finally trick the trickster. When on Earth, she become spy on the mortal courts.

    Still need the idea for Kith for her...

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    Helldiver? She had a pretty, pretty chain around her neck that her Keeper would yank on if he was displeased with how she represented him, or if he was just board. And her invisibility power would allow her to spy effectively when not schmoozing the other Fae.

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      3. Gravesite-man
      Seeming: Elemental(stone). Kith: ?? Court: Spring
      Once upon a time, a faerie noble's lover died. She went and found the most down to earth and understanding man to hear out her troubles, before she buried her dead lover inside him. The Gravesite-man escaped his durance when some grave-robbing goblins dug up the skeleton of the Fae's lover, now his own skeleton, dirt and stone and coffin-wood clinging to it like flesh. He joined the Spring court on his return to Earth, having felt death inside him turn to new life.

      (Incidentally this is the King of Spring in a campaign I'm working on)


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        4. Bigby Wolf (Yeah I kind of stole from Fables/Wolf Among Us...)
        Seeming: Beast
        Kith: Gristlegrinder
        Court: Autumn
        The Big Bad Wolf had always been a favorite story. Eating pigs, grandmothers, red riding hood, etc... Bigby was starving when the True Fae found him. He was given the task of feasting on those who displeased his Keeper, "Feed them to the wolves" was a common phrase. Until Bigby chased a snack too far into the Hedge and realized this was his moment to escape. Though he's taken to a pescatarian diet, Bigby does threaten those who get on his nerves with being devoured. He joined the Autumn Court to revel in his monsterous appearance. And as the Court's lawman he tends to enjoy putting the pressure on troublemakers. Upon occasion his interrogation methods involve swallowing his prey and spitting them out.