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    In Oak, Ash and Thorn there is a small section updating the Mantle for the Courts described in Dark Eras, but no such update for the Contracts, is there any place where the contracts have been converted to the Royal/Common format?


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    Not that I am aware of, sorry.
    I think they came from an earlier draft of 2e, so numbers, but we did get experience costs there so we can make educated guesses to where they should be. This makes no other assumptions about how to rate those contracts.

    Harmony of Portals, based on the aforementioned cost, is a Royal Contract. (4 xp)
    Hundred Steps would be a Common Contract. (3 xp)
    Heart's Desire would be better off as a Freehold/Directional Court only Merit. (1 xp)
    Variable dot contracts depend on rating...Directions Grace would be Common if you got it at three dots, for example.
    Winds of Change is outside 2e's costs, but if we had to give it a place it would be Royal.

    Honestly, it might just be easier to try and recreate the effects with new guidelines in the core.
    I do like the idea that some of the Court Contracts are shared, and have 'Seeming'/Court-specific bonuses.

    I'd like to thank the authors and dev of Oak, Ash and Thorn for updating the Mantle at least. It's nice when they are remembered.

    Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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      Thanks, I wanted to get the power of flight, but only the Direction's Grace contract allows it, and only for certain courts.