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Help me make a healing token for 1E

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  • Help me make a healing token for 1E

    Does anyone have any experience with a healing token?
    I would either like a healing token that actually heals (bashing and lethal), I am also interested if it would be possible to make it bound to it's user so that the user can heal him/herself with it but no one else can use the token (so that it just cant be passed around in a changeling group).

    Or if it is possible to make one that makes you regenerate similar to a changing breed but only whilst you sleep.

    Sadly I am not quite familiar with the rules nor have I really found any good rules on how to design your own tokens.

    Naturally I am curious both about levels it would need but also on how to design the drawbacks.

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    Healing items in Changeling are generally goblin fruit, but if you want a token that can do it the dot rating will essentially depend on how much/how fast it can heal the owner. A token that causes its owner to heal one point of lethal every day is pretty basic, one that gives them regeneration on par with a werewolf is much more powerful and rare.

    Do you want a token that provides healing over time? If so the question is simply what is the interval? One day? One hour?

    Or do you want one that provides instant healing at a cost? In that case the question becomes what fuels the token, and what is the exchange rate? It could be something as simple as 2 glamour per point of lethal.


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      Well I am interested in various.
      A constant healing one but the speed isn't that important then, it could be as low as 1b/minute and 1L/4h.

      An token that did something like 2 glamour to heal one lethal and 1 glamour to heal one bashing or 1 glamour to downgrade one lethal into one 1 bashing or heal one bashing would also be of interest.
      As said I have very little experience so I am thankful for all suggestions and aid.
      However I do need aid to determine the level and potential drawbacks.


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        Well, do you want it to be portable? Because if not.

        Bed of Neverache

        While it looks heavy, it can be carried by anyone who wishes, as if it were much lighter. It appears to be a canopy bed to most people, but the veils itself seem to be made of the night sky to those who can see through the mask. The bed and pillows always seem to be the sleeper's perfect mix of soft or firm. Without rolling, a Changeling who gets at least 8 hours of sleep without entering the Dreaming Roads may heal themselves. 1 Glamour per Lethal, and 2 Glamour per point of Aggravated damage up to half their stamina rounded up per night to heal them. Additionally, a sleeper may spend a point of glamour to cure themselves of any relatively mild mundane illness they have, up to the intensity of the Chicken Pox or the Flu.

        Drawback: The bed exchanges mental healing for physical. Any night where the sleeper uses the effect of this token, they do not regain a point of willpower. It still alleviates fatigue, and this price is not exacted if they do not activate the effect of the token.

        Catch: The injuries were acquired through mundane accident, strain, or fatigue.


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          I love that, absolutely love it all I need to ask what level would it be?


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            Can anyone say a level for this?

            Some other drawbacks options would be nice as well but mostly just what level this would be?