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  • [Homebrew] Wyrd Beats

    Author's Note: I am perfectly aware that this will result in considerably more powerful PCs. I am more interested in knowing whether this system is thematically fitting and cohesive.

    Wyrd Beats are equivalent to the Supernatural Beats of other gamelines, but focused on the themes of Changeling. They may be used to buy Changeling-specific traits (e.g. Contracts, Wyrd, Tokens, Merits). You may combine Mundane and Wyrd Experiences to pay for Changeling-specific traits. The following are the main sources of such Beats, though more may exist at ST discretion.

    1) Avoid directly confronting a Huntsman in a way that further endangers you and your Motley. Gain a full Wyrd Experience if you manage to return the Huntsman's Heart.

    2) You alienate, shock, neglect or otherwise harm your Touchstones for the sake of fae activities.

    3) Use trickery and fae magics to get out of a dangerous situation or gain advantages versus a superior opponent.

    4) Successfully confront your Keeper face-to-face in a manner that reaffirms your freedom and identity. This gives a full Wyrd Experience if you manage to do it inside the Hedge or Dreams.

    5) Get significantly lost while travelling through the Hedge or Dreams, with all that entails.

    6) Have a full scene of meaningful interaction with your Fetch, be it positive or negative. If you successfully merge with your Fetch [Autumn Nightmares Page 106], you may develop a custom Persistent Condition that gives Wyrd Beats in addition to the usual benefits.

    7) Taking Clarity damage, involuntarily unleashing Bedlam and paying off points of Goblin Debt (as described under the Hedge Denizen Condition) all give Wyrd Beats.

    8) Each Motley possesses a shared and additional Long Term Aspiration, which is to be phrased as something the Wyrd is especially fond of doing to them rather than something they want to achieve. This must be based on fairy tale logic and represent significant conflict that can happen at least once per Chapter. Whenever you get a Wyrd Beat from this, you also get 1 Glamour. This Aspiration may be changed once per Story.
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