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[Homebrew] My Take On 2ed Goblin Vows

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  • [Homebrew] My Take On 2ed Goblin Vows

    Goblin Vows allow you to enact a Subtle or Paradigm Shift while in the Ironside, analogously to Hedgespinning and Oneiromancy. This does not involve the usual drawback of suffering an emotional Condition, nor do you suffer dice penalties. You simply make a thematically fitting roll of Attribute + Skill + Wyrd as an Instant Action, but you still need to pay the Glamour. Paradigm Shifts do alert nearby fae entities that something big is happening, with the usual +Empathy bonus to Kenning.

    Choose a sub-type of a given idea or concept (e.g. Broken Mirrors, Prophetic Dreams, Unrequited Love). The resulting Subtle or Paradigm Shift is based on that, as is the ensuing Goblin Debt you incur, which is equal to [Necessary Successes For The Shift] - [Clarity Boxes Without Damage], down to a minimum of one. This represents the Changeling's ability to quickly discern the Wyrd's fine print and negotiate for discounts. You must still achieve an Exceptional Success to cause a Paradigm Shift, but you are considered to achieve that with 3 Successes if the particulars of the Goblin Vow in this scene would lead the Changeling to regain all Willpower from their Thread.

    You can buy 1 to 5 dots for the Goblin Vow Merit. For each dot, choose a specific subset of a broader idea or concept. Whenever you use that as a basis for your Goblin Vow, you achieve Exceptional Success with 3 Successes, even if you are not regaining all Willpower from Thread. If you do both, all Glamour costs are waived. You may still pay the Glamour to enact the Shift reflexively, as per the Loopholes of Contracts. Goblin Vows require contested rolls and Clashes Of Wills, as determined by the ST. The subsets represented by this Merit may be changed once per Story.

    Example: Animal is a notorious troublemaker in the Freehold, often pulling mean-spirited and vulgar pranks on others to harvest Glamour from their fury. He wishes to go the extra mile for bullying a mortal into lashing out. Said mortal owns an incredibly expensive car and becomes aggressive whenever there is so much as a scratch on it. Animal designates a Goblin Vow of Sadistic Humor, which is meant to transform the entire car into a pile of feces. According to Changeling 2ed page 206, this is a Paradigm Shift that requires 3 Successes.

    Animal has Wits 4 and Composure 2, therefore his Maximum Clarity is 6. Assuming he is currently suffering from 4 points of mild Clarity damage, he reduces the Goblin Debt from 3 to 1. He would roll Manipulation + Subterfuge + Wyrd for the Goblin Vow. Since he needs an Exceptional Success to make it work as intended, and his Thread is Anger, he decides to bully a Werewolf instead. The inevitable happens and Animal gets into a fight with a clearly superior opponent due to his Anger, thus regaining all Willpower and achieving Exceptional Success with 3 Successes. The point of Goblin Debt could be paid by cleaning every inch of a neglected stable which belongs to a demanding Hobgoblin Merchant.

    Let Him Speak.