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My Homebrew 2ed Kiths

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  • My Homebrew 2ed Kiths

    I only have one right now, but I'll post more in this thread as I write them.

    "The sick of spirit are still people, but some need more help than others."

    Some Gentry occasionally realize that others perceive them as being absolutely mad, and start to wonder what is this whole idea of madness that mortals keep associating with them. Those Gentry who do not dismiss the concept outright (because they're perfect beings, naturally) find it amusing to play up their status as being unsound of mind and in need of a psychologist. Changelings of this Kith were forced to listen for years on end to alien and horrid thought processes and try to make sense of them, but there is no curing the Gentry of their capricious solipsism. This type of Durance allows Caretakers to heal mental ailments and understand others more reliably, but they often display ironically (or maybe fittingly) neurotic behaviors as a result of such intimacy with their Keepers.
    • Beast: Therapy dogs and cats with a lot of love to give. Brightly colored songbirds that inspire and motivate. Monkeys that make you laugh with their quirky sense of humor.
    • Fairest: ‚ÄčTheirs is a subtle Mien indeed. They usually aren't beautiful in a physical sense, but they emanate a luminous aura of understanding and compassion like a sort of halo.
    • Ogre: They won't be coddling your ego, and will make it a point to help you grow a skin that is just as stone-like as theirs.
    Kith Blessing: When the Caretaker uses Empathy to understand and treat psychological ailments in general, he receives Exceptional Success with 3 Successes.

    Voice Of Reason: The Changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Empathy once per day per patient to either let them automatically experience a Dramatic Failure on their next roll for a Clarity Breaking Point, or give them the Rote Quality on their next Integrity Breaking Point. This takes the form of a therapy session which lasts one hour per patient, but the particulars are up to the Changeling.
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    Let Him Speak.

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    Ooo! Subtle, but I like it. Mad-house sanitarium-realm in Arcadia, where changelings are forced to live out a Bedlam Hospital-style controlled chaos all. The. Time!