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To the author[s] of Venice Unmasked:

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  • To the author[s] of Venice Unmasked:

    Yesterday I purchased this excellent pdf from Storyteller's Vault, and I absolutely love it. It's clear a lot of love went into it. Buuuut, I have some questions:

    1)Will you ever do a 2e version of Venice Unmasked? Don't get me wrong, converting between 1e and 2e is fairly simple, but still.

    2)Any plans on a Venice sourcebook from the perspective of other splats?

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    Hi Demigod Beast - so glad you like it.

    So point 1 - yes I would love to update it. But there are a lot of characters to update in there. My first aim is the Court of Carnival Rules.
    Point 2 - I would love to - what would you like covered first?

    Mainly it is an issue of time as I work freelance for Cubicle 7 and some other things, so better paying gigs take precendence (plus my day job). - The Premier World of Darkness Podcast
    Co-designer and miniature painter for Noble Armada 3e
    Staff writer for CYBR Magazine
    Writer, developer, editor, layout for Darker Days Radio Publishing
    Writer for Cubicle 7 Wrath and Glory Revised


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      Well, Kindred and mages in Venice have been...less-than-benevolent towards Venetian changelings, so that'd be cool to dive into.

      The temporal distortions could be looked into, from either a Demon or Mummy standpoint. Most changelings never escape Arcadia and suffer THAT level of time-lapse, but Venice is crawling with them. Maybe exploring why that is could be interesting. (Hell, it would be an interesting phenomenon if it happened to OTHER Venetian supernaturals!)

      EDIT: Plus, it'd be cool to really explore the Venetian Hedge in much greater detail, local Goblin Markets, Venetian hobgoblins, etc.

      EDIT2: Plus, some Sin-Eater material would be a cool follow-up to all the death the city's seen down the centuries. Etruscan Avernian Gates, for the win!
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