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Calculating the Wyrd for Huntsmen

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  • Calculating the Wyrd for Huntsmen

    It says that the Huntsmen are created like any other Hobgoblin, but what is the base for the Wyrd. Is it the Wyrd of the True Fae the Huntsman is associated with (for example, 8 if the True Fae has 3 titles or 5 +3?)? I got that impression in the most recent Dark Eras 2. The jumpstart adventure has a Huntsman being at Wyrd 3, but I assume that the jumpstart is going easy on new players and will not want to throw a Wyrd 7 or 8 Hobgoblin at new players which would be pretty scary.

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    Huntsmen are a subset of Hobgoblin, and so they're built like any other hobgoblin. You just pick an appropriate Wyrd rating and build the Huntsman from there, then add the Huntsmen template. Huntsmen can vary wildly in power that way
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      The bonus to contest attempts to controvert the Huntsman's orders seems as good a basis as any for raw I-don't-have-a-specific-rating-in-mind picks.

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        I'm considering adding Huntsmen myself, to my largely 1E setting, but I don't like that crap of them being "The original inhabitants of Faerie," so am going with a different take on what they are. I've had to consider the Wyrd rating myself. Being the type that likes rules, I'm probably going with starting Wryd equal to Gentry Wyrd -3 That means a Wyrd 10 Gentry with 5 Titles can produce one with 7 Wyrd, while a 2 Title Fae with Wyrd 7 makes a Wyrd 4 Huntsman. If the Gentry gains Titles the Wyrd rating will increase, or the Huntman can use experience to buy it up themselves. This means a more powerful member of the Gentry creates a more powerful Huntsman, but it also illustrates that Huntsmen are inferior to true Actors.

        I'm still actually working on what they are actually going to be in my setting, but I'm considering going with them being Fae-Mortal crossbreeds, that is the child of a Fae and some kind of mortal being. This is an exception to the rule that the Gentry are normally sterile, but they have to devote a Title to make said offspring viable. It accounts for the fact the Huntsmen possess empathy and may be immune to the effects of Cold Iron. I think it adds a more personal brand of horror, particularly if said Changeling is being hunted by their own offspring. Even knowing they bore such a child may well be bad enough, though the parent doesn't have to be a Changeling, of course--humans, or I suppose hell, technically, even Werewolves or other Changing Breeds could work for that matter, so long as said specimen isn't sterile. Still tinkering with the exact details at this point... I'll probably post something when I figure it out.