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Help me with token design for 1E.

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  • Help me with token design for 1E.

    I would like a healing token that is movable/wearable and able to use at any time.
    Here is the thing I would like it to not cost WP to use it.

    Alternatively so do I wonder if there is a way to make one that comes with the eternal spring warmth of blood healing power?

    I need help with both levels on these two things, catches and drawbacks and I wanna avoid anything that affects willpower.

    It is fully ok to have an effect that downgrades lethal to bashing or heals bashing similar to eternal spring warmth of blood as well but I am after to remove the WP cost.

    I would also love some help with this.
    A pillow that when activated and you sleep upon it so does it heal all your scars over the night, removes all bruises, makes you wake up purified from toxins (and no hangovers or side affects from drugs) and only need half as much sleep as normal.
    I need a level for that one and some good aid in finding none WP affecting drawbacks.