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[2E Environmental Tilt] Glamour Barren (Hedge-based)

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  • [2E Environmental Tilt] Glamour Barren (Hedge-based)


    Glamour Barren
    Environmental (Hedge locations only)
    Description: This particular area of the Hedge has be depleted of the supernatural energy needed for Goblin Fruits, or Hedge plants to grow.
    Effect: Goblin Fruits will not grow in this area, nor will the plants which bear them sprout. Hedgespinning, cultivation and Contracts cannot cause plant sprouting, growth, rejuvenation, blooming, fruiting or ripening withing an area with this Condition. Effects including Hedgespinning and Contracts can still cause wilting, withering, rot of plants in the area, and for that purpose achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success. This does not prohibit the Hedge's ability to cause Thorns to inflict the area, merely means those Thorns will not be plant based and there will be no Goblin Fruit. Also if a being which are not manifestations of Thorns gives birth in the area, the offspring is either stillborn for beings without Souls, or born with the Soulless Condition if the being would normally have a soul.
    Causing the Tilt: Over exploitation of Goblin Fruit cultivation or Hedgespinning Goblin Fruits into existence too often in the area, Interruptions to the cycle of Glamour renewal within the area, Effects with leech all ambient Glamour from the area
    Ending the Tilt: If caused by over exploitation of Goblin Fruit then the area must be dutifully tended to for a year and a day as though it was fallow ground for cultivation as the first half of ending the Tilt. If caused by interruptions to Glamour renewal is the cause then those interruptions must be stopped, and the same goes for effects which leech all ambient Glamour from the area. After the first half of the resolution is completed fertilizing the affected with the ashes from a giant Wickerman which burns a living fae creature with a Soul trapped inside to death as a sacrifice finally ends this Tilt.
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