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  • Lugh, the Irish God

    Good day,
    I m going to start GMing a chronicle set in arthurian britannia.
    The main antagonist and Keeper of the three changeling player should be modeled after the god Lugh, and without a published example of a 2 ed true fae "sheet" i m encountering some difficulties in creating it, and also i m not an expert of celtic mythology.
    So i m asking for help to anyone who wish to collaborate.

    The project will be multi staged.
    In stage 1 i need to define the true name and the 3 associated titles, including the seeming more in tune with them.
    In stage 2 i need to define each title tells and regalia,
    and the other minor details like the shapes that each title can assume.
    In stage 3 i need to define the frailties and weak points of each title oaths, giving player a better chance to confront with the entity and good story hooks.

    It s a lot of work and i will be much grateful for any help or advice

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    For more info on Lugh, i ve found this very useful article


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      For the three titles i would use Lugh classical epitheth, like
      -Lámfada, “Of the Long Arm" (fairest? Associated with the spear of command?)
      -Ildánach (the Skilled God) (wizened?)
      -Lonnbéimnech "the Fierce Striker" (elemental? associated with thunder?)

      What do you think?


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        I still need to learn 2nd ed Changeling.

        But Lleu Llaw Gyffes is the nephew of Gwydion and is a Welsh version of Lugh, so that is another angle to tap into for Lugh inspiration.