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  • Describe your Freehold

    How would you describe your Freehold?

    Is the community centered around one location? Are there Seasonal Courts or one of the alternatives? Does the Freehold have any rituals or holidays they celebrate?

    When it’s time for a new leader how do they pick them?

    Very curious how people handle their Freeholds differently.

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    Currently the most defining thing about the freehold is that it's rather "British", the monarchs effectively agree with diplomatic "suggestions". The main purpose of the Senate is to debate their laws and tweak them to ensure no one is unintentionally made into an oath breaker or conversely an oath breaker can't dance through loopholes or technicalities. As a result the oath(s) of the freehold itself doesn't restrict ones actions directly but simply is an oath to follow the laws of the freehold within its territory. While this has some inherent weaknesses it does ensure that people abroad are not struck by a change in freehold law they were unaware of and one can also review the laws before entering the freehold to ensure any laws that changed won't be broken.

    This has the added benefit of allowing the monarchs to still have the freedom to manage their courts without needing to dedicate everything to running the freehold only to have a shift occur again when the seasons shift. Of course, the monarch is in power and though they allow the Senate to act in their name they have the power to veto any decision the senate proposes. The bargains that enable the seasonal courts would not allow a monarch who was a figure head alone.

    As for the transition of power, it is done as is standard for seasonal courts despite the bizare nature of the senate that serves the interests of both the various courts and the unaligned.

    The courts themselves have carved out their own hollows which is a meeting ground for their court and a bastion if needed. While the freehold has it's own hollow as a meeting place, entrance to the freehold is far more lax than the courts. All one must do is swear to uphold the laws of the freehold while within the freehold in order to gain entry. Though, these hollows are far from homes where changelings stay. They are simply common ground where changelings can meet without worry about outside observers.

    As for the leaders of each court, it truly depends on the court how they select their leader. Some hold elections, others favour the strongest or the cleverest but either way the leaders of each court embody the philosophy of their court.