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Art that can inspire how the Hedge might look insanely different.

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  • Art that can inspire how the Hedge might look insanely different.

    Got a bit crazy into thinking of different ways the Hedge might manifest itself. Here are some things that are inspiring me right now.

    Digimon's Nature mixed with modern wreckage:

    5 Nights at Freddy's Animatronic Hellscape:

    Mannequins in an abandoned mall from Condemned (Very similar to example used in Core Rulebook 2e):

    Fort Frolic from Bioshock:

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    The Swamp from 10th Kingdom:

    Malifaux from Wyrd Games (Warning BIG):

    Malifaux street:

    Yugioh Toon World:


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      Resident Evil 2's Plant Zombie room:

      Resident Evil Extiction (Las Vegas taken back by the desert):

      Red Dwarf (the Psi Moon episode) The planet shapes itself to the emotional state of a person who is on it:

      Dark Sun from D&D:


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        Escher Vault from Warehouse 13:

        The Warehouse from Warehouse 13 (the aisles are trods and the hedge are the dangerous things on the shelves):

        Warhammer 40k Slaanesh's Domain (NSFW):

        Warhammer 40K: Deathwing (Space Hulk):


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          Nightmare Before Christmas forest:

          Kingdom Hearts Hollow Bastion:

          Ghostbusters Video Game (LIbrary Level):

          Matrix Path of Neo, (Distorted Dimension Level):


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            Warhammer 40k - Tyranid Forest :

            Legend of Zelda (Lost Woods):

            Half-Life 2 (Ravenholm):

            Stranger Things (Upside Down World):


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              Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Not apparent in picture but Jim Carrey's character is going through memories and the world is being deleted around him hence the blank book covers):

              Dr. Strange (Mirror Dimension):

              Bayonetta (Purgatory Dimension):

              Prey (Simulated World) (BIG):