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d100 Table - Changeling the Lost events that occur to a Freehold

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  • d100 Table - Changeling the Lost events that occur to a Freehold

    I created this table for a way to generate events that aren't player dictated during my game.

    To use, roll 1d10, and select the corresponding table. Then roll a d10 again to select the corresponding event.

    I hope this helps you in any way.

    Event Tables

    1 - Bad Events
    Event Description
    1 Wild Hunt, a Huntsman and several loyalists try to attack the Freehold.
    2 A Hobgoblin (Rank 5 or higher) has entered through a Hedge portal into the Freehold.
    3 A human visiting the Freehold has been kidnapped by a Hobgoblin.
    4 A loyalist has infiltrated the Freehold.
    5 A highly prized Changeling has arrived at the Freehold, bringing the True Fae’s attention onto the Freehold.
    6 A Hobgoblin has kidnapped a Changeling.
    7 A Hobgoblin has vandalized property owned by the Freehold.
    8 A group of Mortal hunters have discovered the Freehold.
    9 A Hobgoblin (Rank 4 or Lower) has entered through a Hedge portal into the Freehold.
    10 A Mortal Hunter has discovered the Freehold.

    2 - Supernatural Encounters
    Event Description
    1 A Demon is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    2 A Werewolf is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    3 A Mummy is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    4 A Promethean is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    5 A Geist is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    6 A Mage is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    7 An Angel is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    8 A Deviant is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    9 A Beast is in the vicinity of the Freehold.
    10 A Vampire is in the vicinity of the Freehold.

    3 - Mundane
    Event Description
    1 A cop is investigating a Changeling for a murder.
    2 A Changeling is falling behind on rent.
    3 A Changeling run store is having a sale.
    4 A hurricane or other severe weather is about to hit the Freehold.
    5 A crime wave has hit the area near the Freehold.
    6 The town/city is having a yearly festival.
    7 A Changeling store has been robbed by Mortals.
    8 A Mortal news crew wants to interview a local Changeling who is garnering some mundane attention. (i.e. a successful store, rescued a cat, etc...)
    9 Freehold has been awarded a community grant by the local government.
    10 Freehold’s lottery pool has won.

    4 - Mystery
    Event Description
    1 A changeling has been killed.
    2 A mortal has been killed in Freehold territory.
    3 An item was stolen from Freehold territory.
    4 A changeling has gone missing.
    5 A hobgoblin has died in the Freehold.
    6 A changeling owned building has been vandalized.
    7 A changeling has been starting to act out of character.
    8 A fetch has visited Freehold territory on multiple occasions.
    9 An unknown changeling has been approaching people with a strange offer.
    10 A Huntsman’s Herald has been seen, but is not targeting any Changelings.

    5 - Goblin Market
    Event Description
    1 Goblin market is selling off captured Changelings.
    2 Goblin market is selling special Tokens given to them by the True Fae.
    3 Goblin market is selling the location of an Icon.
    4 Goblin market is selling Goblin Contracts.
    5 Goblin market is selling stolen Changeling Tokens.
    6 Goblin Market is selling an Oath Forged Token.
    7 Goblin Market is selling information on the Title of a True Fae, including what is part of the contract to maintain it..
    8 Goblin market is selling information on the Name of a True Fae.
    9 Goblin market has information on a Huntsman’s Heart.
    10 Goblin market has an Icon for sale.

    6 - Entertainment
    Event Description
    1 Book signing at a bookstore.
    2 Band is playing at the cafe or tavern.
    3 Private screening of new movie.
    4 Special LARP Event
    5 Talent Competition
    6 Comedy Night
    7 Filming of an independent movie.
    8 Theater production.
    9 Video Game Tournament
    10 Poker Tournament

    7 - Rituals/Festivals
    Event Description
    1 Exorcism of a ghost/haunted house.
    2 Lunar Eclipse ritual and festival
    3 Changelings have organized a hunting festival.
    4 The Season requires a sacrifice of something representative of the Season.
    5 The Season requires a party in honor of itself.
    6 The Hobgoblins are organizing a Goblin Festival.
    7 A mass migration of Hobgoblin beasts is occurring.
    8 The Season requires a competition in honor of itself.
    9 A Changeling Wedding is taking place.
    10 A True Fae is throwing a grand ball in the Hedge.

    8 - Changelings
    Event Description
    1 Changeling privateers have been seen near the Freehold.
    2 Courtless Changelings have been seen near the Freehold.
    3 A motley of Courtless have been vocal against the Freehold.
    4 A group of Changelings are trying to replace the current Court system with another.
    5 A group of Changelings have been working with supernatural entities that aren’t from the Hedge.
    6 A group of Changelings oppose the current Court Monarch.
    7 A group of Changelings have struck up a bargain with a True Fae.
    8 A new Changeling Freehold has announced their presence to the Freehold.
    9 Another Changeling Freehold has issued a dispute against the Freehold.
    10 Another Changeling Freehold wishes to establish a relationship with the Freehold.

    9 - Escape
    Event Description
    1 A Changeling Helldiver has asked for assistance in cutting its cord to the True Fae.
    2 A Changeling still in Arcadia has gotten word that they will try to direct escapees to the Freehold.
    3 A Hobgoblin is willing to ferry escaped Changelings to the Freehold for a price.
    4 A True Fae is willing to trade Changelings for a prized Changeling.
    5 An abandoned changeling playmate has accidentally found themselves in the Freehold.
    6 A loyalist hunting party has wandered into the Mortal world in search of an escapee.
    7 A Huntsman is tracking down an escapee inside the dreams of Mortals.
    8 A Changeling escapee has been trying to request assistance by wandering through the Dream Roads.
    9 A Hobgoblin dissatisfied with the True Fae is organizing an underground railroad to transport changelings out of Arcadia.
    10 A Changeling has escaped the Hedge to find themselves unfollowed and safely in the middle of the Freehold’s territory.

    10 - Excellent Events
    Event Description
    1 A rare piece of goblin fruit has been found.
    2 A potent Token has been found,
    3 A small collection of Icons have been discovered in the Hedge by a Freehold scout party.
    4 A Huntsman has given the Freehold a week to recover their Heart to avoid a Hunt.
    5 A True Fae has declared a temporary ceasefire in honor of some hitherto unknown pledge it made.
    6 The record of a True Fae’s Name has been located.
    7 A record of a True Fae’s Title deal, including what breaks the agreement.
    8 A powerful entity wishes to make an alliance with the Freehold.
    9 A Freehold scouting party has discovered an unclaimed Trod.
    10 A large group of changelings have managed to escape to the Freehold.
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    Very nice.