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Changeling Children: How should future supplements deal with this?

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    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    Wait Lost aren’t sterile in 2nd edition?
    Lost are fully capable of making babies in 2.0.


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      I would rule it as a normal child with a minor fae "tell". For instance, the child of an air elemental changeling may occasionally have their wind blow in the wrong direction. But nothing else.


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        I'm not very experienced with 2E, so most of my input is going to be based off what I recall from 1E, and that would be that such a child is human, though they might get some free merits or access to certain flaws to reflect that parentage. In Mage terms, they *Always* count as Sleepwalkers, and may be Wolf Blooded as well, if the character's characters parentage permits it. Of course, actually becoming a Werewolf, Mage, or Vampire, is something else entirely, and whether such merits are kept afterwards, I would place (very) firmly in the hands of the ST.

        I do recall there being something back in 1E about Ensorcellment, and implementing a merit granting those abilities might not be too far fetched. I haven't read enough about the Fae-Touched in 2E to offer much of an opinion there.

        Edit: Again, not familiar with the current state of 2E, but such characters might have a predisposition towards psychic powers or other forms of Fallen/Hedge Magic.
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