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  • Tanky character building advice

    How would you gentlefolk build a tough, resilient changeling character?

    I want to build a gentle giant type character, wise, persuasive and hard to kill. The first 2 are simple enough, but the 3rd, is a bit less so, especially for a starting character.

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    Be an Ogre or learn Contracts of the Shield from one; the Bruisers' blessings are built for point-defense and other exercises of Stamina.

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      General armor is very, very strong, so anything that can get you points of that is helpful. Stonebones, Metalflesh, and similar kiths haven't been updated to second edition (still waiting on Kith and Kin) but you could talk to your ST about a kith blessing that lets you spend glamour to gain some amount of armor rating for the scene. I've been going with "increase armor by 1/1 per point of glamour spent, to a maximum of half your Wyrd (rounded up)

      Sword has some pretty powerful defensive contracts but they're bundled with offense. Red Rage is very strong but doesn't fit the gentle giant vibe. Primal Glory deals damage to attackers, but unless you're an Elemental invoking the seeming blessing it only hurts people who choose to attack you first and acts as an effective pacifistic deterrent.

      Whispers of Morning sidesteps the problem entirely by making you intangible, for the low, low cost of free if you're neither armed nor armored

      Depending on how much you're allowed to branch into other books to combine merits across lines; taking three dots each in Peacemaker from Hurt Locker and Reconciler from Geist makes for a character capable of talking their way out of almost any fight


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        The two primary conracts to have a look at for defensive style characters are Fae Cunning (retains defense vs ranged attacks; cannot forcibly lose defense; and dodging allows you to redirect an attack to another target), and Primal Glory (grants immunity to an element and an extra 1/1 armor rating). Remember, 'Element' in changeling is a very broad concept. Talk to your ST about which sort of elements might apply (metal immunity would stop most firearms/melee weapons from hurting you). Elemental Weapon is also an amazing contract, although perhaps not defensively.

        The Spear and Shield fighting style synergizes quite well with the big, sturdy figher archetype, and Hedgespun armor gives insane tankiness per-dot investment as long as you are not fighting someone with iron weapons (which would unravel your armor just by touching i with their iron). Summer Mantle is the best merit you can find. I'd suggest getting as many dots of it as possible.


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          If yer doing Seasonal Courts, Winter and Autumn have different flavors of defensive buffs, though I'd hew Winter between the two.

          EDIT:That's me thinking contracts, I forgot about SUmmer's Mantle.

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            I would also suggest an hedgespun armor and the Elemental warrior merit
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