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  • Homebrew Echoes thread.

    Hey everyone, Korogra here! Kith & Kin is nebulously around the corner, and I thought that now would be a good time to start up an archive of fan-made content for one of my favorite aspects of C:TL; Fetches. Autumn Nightmares and the section for fetches in the antagonist chapter in the 2nd ed book do a lot of work turning these fae simulacra into really compelling foils, nemeses, and potential partners for changelings, and I absolutely adore these books for that reason(amongst several).

    So in anticipation for K&K hopefully coming out soon, I’ll put up an echo I recently wrote up for your enjoyment, and I hope you guys will add yours as well! Without further ado, here you go and as always have a wonderful day!


    Of Like Minds(Wyrd 3)

    The Fetch and her Changeling counterpart are more alike than even their shared faces would attest- their connection allows them to find a certain level of accord with each other.

    By spending a point of glamour and rolling Empathy + Wyrd vs her counterparts Resolve + Wyrd the Fetch is able to establish a psychic link with her counterpart- provided they still live- and share her thoughts with them for the remainder of the scene. This link works both ways and allows for instant communication between the two fae beings, though only the fetch can open the link between them- however the Changeling can sever the connection between them with a successful Resolve + Wyrd roll vs the Fetch’s Empathy + Wyrd.

    Should the Fetch also spend a willpower when activating this Echo she may also share what she sees and hears with her Changeling self, acting as a living surveillance system.

    As the link is both ways, the Changeling can also share what they see or hear with the Fetch by spending a point of willpower. This Echo can only function when used to communicate with the Changeling the Fetch was created to replace, she cannot forge a link to any other Lost.

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    I thought Kith and Kin was far from around the corner? Is it close to release?


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      It’s why I said nebulously. It could be within this year.. it could be three years from now.. they aren’t being very forthcoming.


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        Swapping karma (wyrd 5)

        When curses or blessings come your way, take them from or send them to your other half. Sorry that I am an amateur at designing mechanics but think of the story possibilities. But who would trust someone that can scapegoat the repercussions for their broken pledges? Who wouldn't trust the one who took the magic bullet for them?