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  • Huntsmen as Hybrids

    I like the idea of the Huntsmen, but running off a largely 1E frame of reference, the whole notion of them being the original occupants of Faerie, just doesn't fit well with me, and for quite awhile now, I've been toying with introducing some sort of Fae-Mortal offspring, and they seem to be rather easy to modify into this role, falling somewhere between a Changeling and one of the Gentry. I've talked with some Changeling players online, who received the idea positively, so I thought I'd share it here. I'm still working on refining the particulars of these, and any suggestions are welcome.

    The Gentry are supposed to be barren creatures, sterile in both a creative and literal sense, but where the Fae are concerned, there are always loopholes, and Huntsmen represent one of these. A Huntsman is a Fae-Mortal hybrid created by the pairing of one of the True Fae, and a mortal, typically either a human or Changeling, though other pairings are possible so long as the creature in question is capable of producing offspring, such as Uratha, for example. In order to make the offspring viable, the True Fae does have to devote a Title, however. Regardless of the exact parentage, the being is born looking like a human, and indeed, they age as a normal human up until sometime after puberty, at which point their Fae nature takes over, and they transition to their new state. Most grow up in Faerie, aware of their nature and parentage from the beginning, where they are carefully groomed for their new role, while others, particularly those whose intended purpose requires a better understanding of the human world, are often allowed to live a normal life among humans until they transition to their new state, at which point their other parent habitually collects them. Due to their hybrid nature, they aren't bothered by Cold Iron, and can spend as much time as they desire in the mortal world, and additionally, possess both empathy, and creativity.

    Their individual personalities vary greatly, depending on background, as do their relationships with their Fae parents, which are very hard to characterize, as both sorts of being are quite unique. There is some thought that the manner of conception itself can influence the nature of these conceived through rape or some other form of coercion will exhibit a more cruel and twisted persona than another brought into being through love or seduction, though actual evidence for this is scanty, at best. As children, they will be odd, often diagnosed as autistic, but nothing outwardly hints at their supernatural origins, though they often possess personality traits that hearken back to their Fae parents; the child of a Fae who took on the aspect and the personality of a giant, may be a bully, while one of a seductive minx, might display manipulative qualities. As the time of their transition approaches, they'll gradually become more withdrawn, and given to sleeping, as their bodies and minds begin to change. When their transformation is through, the core of their old persona remains, but the new being no longer possesses a strictly human mindset, along with a more feral, focused nature, and often come across as much more intense than before. Most possess an instinctive desire to hunt, though this compulsion may take other forms as well. A Huntsman who is slain, is permanently dead, but the Title reverts back to the Fae, though to produce a new Huntsman, means another child must be created, buying the Changeling some respite. Otherwise, they are much as they are depicted in the book.

    While it doesn't happen very often, there are instances of Huntsmen going rogue, and refusing to take on their ordained roles. Habitually, The Fae will attempt to track down these down and either capture or kill them, so as to retrieve their Titles, but some are content to just watch, and see what becomes of their wayward offspring. Even rarer, are Huntsmen whose Fae have been destroyed. Normally, they'll just take up service with another of that Fae's Actors, but sometimes, there isn't another Actor to do that with, leaving them to pursue their own ends. Some may rule over the Fae's Realm, if there is one, perhaps over time becoming one The Gentry themselves, while others give themselves over to different activities. It's important to note that while many Huntsmen are the classic sorts used to bring back escaped Changelings, they are by no means limited to such, and may well occupy other roles, either here or in Arcadia.

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    While I personally do not like the idea of Fae-born children, this is a fine way to depict Huntsmen in a 1e setting. Good work!


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      Originally posted by Korogra View Post
      While I personally do not like the idea of Fae-born children, this is a fine way to depict Huntsmen in a 1e setting. Good work!
      Thank you. This is still rather drafty, and I'm working on further distilling the concept a bit further. I was doing some writing on Tristan's Realm of Avonleigh, where the border zone (Das Nebelmark) has been given over to Lintra, (aka "Die Schwärze Reiter,") his Huntsman, charged with keeping the local riff-raff out, so I felt a need to introduce the idea before I eventually post the write up. I also thought it was a way to add a bit more depth to the idea, as well as to make the horror a bit more personal in certain situations, particularly if the Changeling that finds themselves on the wrong end of the Huntsman is its other parent...

      Edit: The main thing I'm unsure about is whether they should actually grow up as human children, but I took a bit of my cue from 1E's Fetch kids. The idea I'm working with here is they do start out human, but gradually, their Fae nature will begin to assert itself and take over. There was some question if the end result would be flesh and blood at all, but I decided to go with the notion that they are just as much so as Changelings, perhaps serving as a kind of dark mirror.
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