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Rise and Fall- A Changeling Short Story

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  • Rise and Fall- A Changeling Short Story

    Pt. 1- I Am.

    You are a Name that has yet to fully actualize itself and become Real. You have drifted along the dream-scape for both time immemorial and barely a moment at all; an ever shifting, never solid collection of thoughts without context, emotions with no origin to be expressed from.

    Then one day a spark calls out to you, a shimmering jewel of Meaning that draws you closer and closer with its inescapable pull: the concept known as Ambition. You snatch it and submerge yourself within it, and from that spark comes a burning drive to seek out more, to fully pen your Existence.

    Hope, Ingenuity, Pride, Honor, and Strength all are brought together to form the true Core of your magnificence.. but along with them do you absorb Cruelty, Arrogance, Conquest, Madness, and Lust.

    All of these concepts and many more are drawn into a singularity of Self that is Your will to Exist, and after an eternity or but a flickering second a new Name is born.

    Bruticai Angenus.

    You are Angenus.

    It is by your Name and the laws of this Place that you are compelled to war and scheme against Others who are like you but uniquely distinct from you, and many grand stories arise from these battles. It is through these Legends that you gain one Title, and then another, and another until eventually you become something more than a mere Name- you become greater.. the mystical history of an Imperial God.

    For a time this is enough to entertain you, for your rivals are ever jealous and hateful because of your power and cunning and their plots to Devour your Titles are nothing short of amusing. But one day you feel that pull that draws you away from your Games, a sensation of gravity as the Wyrd turns your gaze towards something small like that Spark that first brought your existence into motion.

    You discover the tiny, weak beings known as mankind.

    Before now, humanity has only been a passing interest to you. You know that some of your other Sibling-Enemies make use of these mewling creatures for their own distractions and purposes, but you never saw them as anything more than inconsequential pieces that cluttered up the board- their only redeeming quality being the way their emotions produced brief bursts of glamour when properly stimulated.

    But now you find these meaningless, fleeting creatures intriguing for reasons you do not understand, yet neither do you question it. You take one of your most precious Titles and spin it into a form that most closely matches its nature, that of a non descriptive observer, and send it forth beyond the Thorns and into the Iron World with only one command: Learn.

    You are an Actor of Angenus. You are you, you possess a name and a distinctive personality of your own, but you are also Angenus. To the mortals and other creatures who can manage to remember you or see through your magical obfuscations, they call you the Watcher- though you bristle at that boring moniker; preferring the term Spectator.

    The name of Watcher isn’t without merits however, for that is what you do: you watch and you listen to everything and everyone around you, drinking everything in. And how perplexing it all is!

    These mortals for all their limited and dull existences can be, have many traits that remind you of the Others, and most importantly of all they remind you of yourself. They war with each other, betray those they call kinsmen, and abuse and use those beneath them.

    But what confuses you is that unlike the Feuds you have with your peers, the humans seem to follow no rules at all when it comes to how they make war, and that rankles you to your core and intrigues you at the same time.

    But most curiously of all, they do things that make no sense to you whatsoever: Parents intentionally starving themselves so their spawn can have full bellies, brothers sacrificing their own lives to pardon their siblings from crimes, and lovers dying alongside each other in the face of certain doom- and all of this without anything to show for it!

    All of this would be reason enough to abscond back home with a handful of the mortals in tow for curiosity’s sake.. but then you discover Rome.

    Rome changes you on a fundamental level. Perhaps the vast reaches its empire sprawled across the known world awes you and fills you with envy. Maybe the decadence of the capital and it’s opulent splendor triggers an avaricious hunger in your core. The simplest guess, however, is that Rome and her empire embodies nearly all the aspects that make up your Name and strikes a synergistic accord with your very being.

    Whatever the reason, you revel vicariously through the uppermost classes of Roman culture, bathing in a figurative Ocean of selfish glamour for what seems to be years as you explore the city and all its wonders.

    And when you return to your master-and-greater-self, your entire identity subtly evolves.

    You are Angenus.

    Your base nature as a creature of conquest hasn’t changed, but it has been discolored by your experiences in the human realm. Your Domain has warped into a grandiose, nightmarish parody of Rome itself, a sprawling ouroboros city-body that splays outward and coils upward around a truly gargantuan recreation of the colosseum that puts even that majestic edifice to everlasting shame in terms of scale and purpose: it is the nerve center of your new calling in existence- creating warriors from the most determined and outstanding mortals you can snatch away.

    Time works differently from how it did before, when it flowed almost in-sync to mimic the Iron World. Now while time does pass, the sun no longer journeys upwards across the sky, it circles the Domain just below the horizon, as if it were a glowing marble rolling along the outside edge of a plate, bathing the world in a bizarre shifting twilight.

    The passage of time is much faster here than in the Iron World, every day in the real world translating to a year passing in your city-body, though to those within your Domain it feels as if time marches on as it always has.

    And lastly guarding your ever expanding empire is a great and baroque wall hundreds of meters high, its outer surface decorated by tens of thousands of marble statues in your likeness- each one a masterfully crafted Inanimae soldier that exists solely to repel invaders.

    This is the Marthaneum.
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