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    With Cyberpunk 2077 on its way, I've become really interested in the idea of running a cyberpunk changeling game. What are some cool NPC ideas that can really tie together the themes of both changeling and cyberpunk? What about some fun plot seeds that the players can really sink their teeth into? Or some cool locations?

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    I can totally imagine:
    -a darkling that can transform into data and surf into the web
    -an ogre with strong artificial limbs, like Cyborg of Teen titans
    -a wizened with ultra tech gadget/tokens, some of them implanted
    -using the dream of a human with a neural interface implant to enter the web in dream form
    -non traditional elementals, like plastic and silicon ones


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      I'm assuming you've seen Shadowrun? It was the top cyberpunk game when Cyberpunk 2020 was growing stale, but it was also kind of weird because the setting included high fantasy elements like elves and dragons.