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How to sum up Changeling?

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  • How to sum up Changeling?

    I need to sell people on changeling but it's such a complex genre I'm finding it really hard to know where to start. So how would you describe Changeling to people who were brand new to the concept?

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    Start with the basics: You were once human before the True Fae took you away, but now you're rendered a fairy, a changeling, who through great adversity managed to return home only to find that time had passed on and an imposter has been living your life. Your goal now is to find your way home-or make a new home-as fairies tempts back into dream and fantasy and humanity disregards your plight.

    From there, if they don't have questions to build on, list, like, three of your favorite things about the game, things you think make it fun and exciting and spooky and such.

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      Faerieland is real, and it's as horrible as it is wonderful, where the crystal flowers prick your skin and the red slippers make you dance until your feet bleed from sores.
      The Lords and Ladies of Faerie came to Earth and fell in love with you and took you home with them, as consorts, as servants, as champions, as pets. They treasured you and controlled you and hurt you.
      That place was bad for you, but against all odds, you found a way to leave. But you are not the same. They cast a glamour on you that fools most, but you can look into the mirror and see that you are a thing of faerie now: flashing eyes, fine glass hair, skin of tallow, ogre's claws. Sometimes you feel old faerie appetites. Your breath is dreams and your hands spin gold.
      The home you left is gone. You've been gone too long and changed too much, or the years you spent in mad Faerie were only minutes long on Earth, or the Good Folk fashioned spit and sticks and straw into a clever doll that lives your life more convincingly than you ever did.

      The home you left is gone. The you that left is gone. You're not going back to the place that hurt you. You are Lost. Where do you go?
      You see others in the crowd changed the way you were changed. All of you were hurt, and remember that hurt.
      Pick up the pieces. Carve out a new place to belong, or take the place you lost back, or nest along the goblin roads down which faeries slip.
      Turn your hurt into a strength. Make deals. Breathe dreams. Spin gold.
      Don't forget about Faerie. Faerie is your new strength.

      Don't forget about Faerie. Faerie wants you back.


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        I remember a flatmate telling me about True Blood: she said:

        "This is going to sound stupid, but one of the characters is a fairy."

        I didn't see that way, probably because I already knew about Changeling: The Lost. Or maybe I was already keen, based what I'd read about fairies elsewhere. Either way, it's easy to take it for granted that people want to play games about fairies if you've already been sold on them for years.

        Try to refer to familiar media that contains similar elements and themes. Off the top of my head, there's Vampire: The Masquerade, The Wolf Among Us, The Witcher, Pan's Labyrinth and folklore in general, especially European folkore, not that it has to be. The books give a broader range of these, usually near the introductions. Although it depends on what the storyteller wants the game to be like. Changeling is very versatile like that.