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    I tend to prefer Frailties based on the character's background and/or Fae nature. Some I've used:

    For a character who's a teacher and bookstore owner, he *can't* give away information for free. There must always be some manner of price (though he's creative about that - for important things, the price of the information is that you have to *really listen and pay attention*

    For a character who was a weaponsmith in Arcadia (and then was even more horribly traumatized by seeing what his weapons did to people) he can't touch a weapon and leave it as a weapon when he's done with it. He has to destroy it or (ideally) reshape it into a thing of better use or beauty

    For a character who was a bedroom assassin for his Keeper, whispered sweet nothings are literal poison in his ear.


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      Mine has stuff related to who he was as a human. So like, he's a doctor so the Hippocratic Oath takes the Oath part seriously as a Changeling to the point it becomes a frailty, or he gains gold as a bane like the Dullahan. Not because he's actually one, but because he got into his durance as a result of a bad decision made in a fit of panic and stress and thus metaphorically "lost his head" because he wasn't in the right state of mind to be making that decision.
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        I have a changeling set within the time period of the wild west that has two minor frailties: a ban that requires her to avoid coyotes and a bane of tomahawks. Hopefully those examples help? This is directed at the op.