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What NOT To Do In Changeling?

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  • What NOT To Do In Changeling?

    What's some advice you would give to people in order of things to avoid?

    Probably the big one for me is making the Hedge such a deadly nuisance that there's no point in going. Every Hedge Fruit has a dangerous guardian so you use more resources than you gain. Every sale in the Hedge Market has massive unforeseen consequences so you were better off without it.

    In my view, the Hedge should be dangerous and Market sellers should haggle well, but if everything is a skin-of-your-tooth screws-you-over kind of situation, it becomes much easier to just leave it well enough alone. The Hedge should reward as often as it punishes - even if the rewards are sometimes a little askew, a little off, they shouldn't all be as twisted as a knife in the back.

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